HS7 postcodes Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

This is a list of postcodes in the HS7 area covering the areas of Isle Of Benbecula, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar. The area contains approximately 587 households with a population of about 1,330 (2011 census)

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HS7 5 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
HS7 5AA57.464275-7.37978677560854336NF775543Yes
HS7 5AB57.473201-7.390177021855377NF770553No
HS7 5LA57.47121-7.37099878147855065NF781550Yes
HS7 5LB57.472085-7.38148377527855212NF775552Yes
HS7 5LD57.472623-7.38740977177855300NF771552Yes
HS7 5LE57.47153-7.39190876898855200NF768551Yes
HS7 5LF57.472311-7.39050376989855280NF769552Yes
HS7 5LG57.471863-7.38981977026855227NF770552No
HS7 5LH57.473064-7.38845977118855354NF771553Yes
HS7 5LJ57.462432-7.36202578607854047NF786540No
HS7 5LL57.473898-7.38726377197855441NF771554No
HS7 5LQ57.472156-7.38675577212855245NF772552Yes
HS7 5LS57.473127-7.39413176779855388NF767553Yes
HS7 5LT57.465267-7.3847777270854470NF772544Yes
HS7 5LU57.457393-7.39485176597853643NF765536Yes
HS7 5LW57.474004-7.37198278113855380NF781553Yes
HS7 5LX57.471807-7.35553579078855058NF790550Yes
HS7 5LY57.474607-7.33968180052855294NF800552Yes
HS7 5LZ57.479809-7.32476580990855802NF809558Yes
HS7 5NB57.49143-7.33740880335857153NF803571No
HS7 5ND57.472327-7.39411376773855299NF767552Yes
HS7 5NE57.47147-7.39353676800855201NF768552Yes
HS7 5NF57.472637-7.39212176895855324NF768553Yes
HS7 5NG57.471879-7.3772677778855169NF777551Yes
HS7 5NP57.441221-7.35335578940851649NF789516No
HS7 5PG57.413905-7.33589979747848531NF797485Yes
HS7 5PH57.411446-7.3342479825848250NF798482Yes
HS7 5PJ57.425574-7.35857178490849935NF784499Yes
HS7 5PL57.420864-7.34345379355849340NF793493Yes
HS7 5PN57.436875-7.38809676820851331NF768513Yes
HS7 5PP57.43402-7.36081578430850884NF784508Yes
HS7 5PQ57.411964-7.33458679809848309NF798483Yes
HS7 5PR57.40945-7.31018881250847915NF812479Yes
HS7 5PS57.404365-7.27945783049847206NF830472Yes
HS7 5PT57.39606-7.25282584575846159NF845461Yes
HS7 5PW57.409535-7.32900980122848013NF801480Yes
HS7 5PX57.462432-7.36202578607854047NF786540No
HS7 5PY57.422769-7.33610879812849517NF798495Yes
HS7 5PZ57.429587-7.33834279738850285NF797502Yes
HS7 5QA57.442822-7.35846378648851851NF786518Yes
HS7 5QB57.441759-7.35276678980851706NF789517Yes
HS7 5QD57.412468-7.30925881332848246NF813482Yes
HS7 5QF57.416126-7.2998281930848608NF819486Yes
HS7 5QG57.411363-7.26859483761847933NF837479Yes
HS7 5QH57.414778-7.23560585769848159NF857481Yes
HS7 5QJ57.426159-7.2122887265849316NF872493Yes
HS7 5QL57.429289-7.2203586808849701NF868497Yes
HS7 5QP57.479352-7.30575482124855662NF821556Yes
HS7 5QR57.476807-7.28583983294855286NF832552Yes
HS7 5QS57.474099-7.26974584234854910NF842549Yes
HS7 5WA57.474099-7.26974584234854910NF842549No
HS7 5WX57.415923-7.33731179680848762NF796487No
HS7 5WZ57.473618-7.37825177734855367NF777553No
HS7 5YA57.462432-7.36202578607854047NF786540No
HS7 5YB57.462432-7.36202578607854047NF786540No
HS7 5YD57.462432-7.36202578607854047NF786540No
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