HU20 postcodes East Riding of Yorkshire

This is a list of postcodes in the HU20 area covering the areas of High Hunsley, Little Weighton, Low Hunsley, Riplingham, East Riding of Yorkshire. The area contains approximately 392 households with a population of about 946 (2011 census)

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HU20 3 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
HU20 3AB53.773097-0.527704497130431756SE971317Yes
HU20 3LA53.789894-0.508787498337433651SE983336No
HU20 3LB53.780623-0.414593504565432754TA045327No
HU20 3UA53.789973-0.512261498108433655SE981336Yes
HU20 3UJ53.790496-0.505092498579433723SE985337Yes
HU20 3UL53.791004-0.501901498788433784SE987337Yes
HU20 3UN53.791811-0.521887497470433846SE974338Yes
HU20 3UP53.793593-0.556667495175433997SE951339Yes
HU20 3UQ53.790247-0.503871498660433697SE986336Yes
HU20 3UR53.80407-0.552079495453435169SE954351Yes
HU20 3US53.790687-0.505283498566433744SE985337Yes
HU20 3UT53.792427-0.501425498816433943SE988339Yes
HU20 3UU53.791445-0.504846498593433829SE985338Yes
HU20 3UW53.790191-0.541481496183433639SE961336Yes
HU20 3UX53.792096-0.505096498575433901SE985339Yes
HU20 3UY53.791859-0.501279498827433880SE988338Yes
HU20 3UZ53.786855-0.489982499583433339SE995333Yes
HU20 3WW53.780544-0.414572504567432745TA045327Yes
HU20 3WX53.780623-0.414593504565432754TA045327No
HU20 3WY53.780623-0.414593504565432754TA045327No
HU20 3WZ53.780623-0.414593504565432754TA045327No
HU20 3XA53.790867-0.507508498419433761SE984337Yes
HU20 3XB53.789939-0.50877498338433656SE983336Yes
HU20 3XD53.789435-0.509426498296433599SE982335Yes
HU20 3XE53.790183-0.51031498236433681SE982336Yes
HU20 3XF53.790433-0.51311498051433705SE980337Yes
HU20 3XG53.790934-0.509297498301433766SE983337Yes
HU20 3XH53.786362-0.505952498532433262SE985332Yes
HU20 3XJ53.787122-0.509918498269433341SE982333Yes
HU20 3XL53.78683-0.509579498292433309SE982333Yes
HU20 3XN53.78724-0.510718498216433353SE982333Yes
HU20 3XP53.78628-0.509431498303433248SE983332Yes
HU20 3XQ53.789368-0.508205498377433593SE983335Yes
HU20 3XR53.781127-0.521574497515432658SE975326Yes
HU20 3XS53.7749-0.536943496517431944SE965319Yes
HU20 3XT53.777708-0.540391496283432252SE962322Yes
HU20 3XU53.788738-0.509754498276433521SE982335Yes
HU20 3XW53.785172-0.510731498220433123SE982331Yes
HU20 3XX53.777573-0.525513497264432257SE972322Yes
HU20 3YY53.789855-0.50853498354433647SE983336No
HU20 3YZ53.789855-0.50853498354433647SE983336No
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