L1 0 postcodes Liverpool

This is a list of postcodes in the L1 0 area covering the areas of Liverpool city centre. The area contains approximately 45 households with a population of about 79 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L1 0AA53.396727-2.981033334864389326SJ348893Yes
L1 0AB53.396807-2.979846334943389334SJ349893Yes
L1 0AD53.39651-2.978982335000389300SJ350893No
L1 0AE53.395992-2.983978334667389247SJ346892Yes
L1 0AF53.398315-2.982468334771389504SJ347895Yes
L1 0AG53.396784-2.980447334903389332SJ349893Yes
L1 0AH53.395385-2.980129334922389176SJ349891Yes
L1 0AJ53.396722-2.983649334690389328SJ346893Yes
L1 0AL53.397384-2.98201334800389400SJ348894No
L1 0AN53.397166-2.982186334788389376SJ347893Yes
L1 0AP53.396485-2.98199334800389300SJ347893No
L1 0AQ53.39646-2.981628334824389297SJ348892Yes
L1 0AR53.396593-2.981886334807389312SJ348893Yes
L1 0AS53.397004-2.981039334864389357SJ348893Yes
L1 0AT53.397004-2.981039334864389357SJ348893Yes
L1 0AU53.396027-2.982972334734389250SJ347892Yes
L1 0AW53.396916-2.983158334723389349SJ347893No
L1 0AX53.395989-2.982128334790389245SJ347892Yes
L1 0AY53.396629-2.983046334730389317SJ347893Yes
L1 0AZ53.395989-2.982128334790389245SJ347892Yes
L1 0BA53.396473-2.983493334700389300SJ347893No
L1 0BB53.395561-2.984976334600389200SJ346891No
L1 0BD53.397384-2.98201334800389400SJ348894No
L1 0BE53.396236-2.980404334905389271SJ349892Yes
L1 0BF53.397243-2.982668334756389385SJ347893Yes
L1 0BG53.395308-2.982955334734389170SJ347891Yes
L1 0BH53.395574-2.983472334700389200SJ347892No
L1 0BJ53.395574-2.983472334700389200SJ347892No
L1 0BL53.396024-2.979031334996389246SJ349892Yes
L1 0BN53.396041-2.980174334920389249SJ349892Yes
L1 0BP53.395972-2.979752334948389241SJ349892Yes
L1 0BQ53.395574-2.983472334700389200SJ347892No
L1 0BS53.394852-2.978373335038389115SJ350891Yes
L1 0BT53.394704-2.977753335079389098SJ350890No
L1 0BW53.395191-2.980741334881389155SJ348891Yes
L1 0BX53.394712-2.978941335000389100SJ349890No
L1 0BY53.394182-2.981049334859389043SJ348890Yes
L1 0DA53.395118-2.98086334873389147SJ348891Yes
L1 0DB53.396137-2.98159334826389261SJ348892Yes
L1 0DD53.396485-2.98199334800389300SJ347893No
L1 0DE53.395574-2.983472334700389200SJ347892No
L1 0DF53.396137-2.98159334826389261SJ348892Yes
L1 0DG53.394754-2.976987335130389103SJ351891Yes
L1 0DH53.394703-2.981167334852389101SJ348891Yes
L1 0DN53.395715-2.978212335050389211SJ350892Yes
L1 0DP53.395611-2.978962335000389200SJ349892No
L1 0DQ53.394991-2.976676335151389129SJ351891Yes
L1 0DS53.394991-2.976676335151389129SJ351891Yes
L1 0EB53.395215-2.983359334707389160SJ347891No
L1 0GG53.395715-2.978212335050389211SJ350892Yes
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