L1 3 postcodes Liverpool

This is a list of postcodes in the L1 3 area covering the areas of Liverpool city centre. The area contains approximately 171 households with a population of about 283 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L1 3AA53.404971-2.985208334599390247SJ345902No
L1 3AB53.404971-2.985208334599390247SJ345902No
L1 3AG53.404971-2.985193334600390247SJ346902Yes
L1 3AN53.404549-2.985184334600390200SJ345902No
L1 3AP53.404893-2.984816334625390238SJ346902Yes
L1 3AR53.404561-2.98368334700390200SJ346901No
L1 3AS53.404834-2.98334334723390230SJ347902No
L1 3AU53.404561-2.98368334700390200SJ346901No
L1 3AW53.404825-2.984348334656390230SJ346902Yes
L1 3AY53.404741-2.98245334782390219SJ347902Yes
L1 3BE53.404573-2.982176334800390200SJ347901No
L1 3BG53.405165-2.985589334574390269SJ345902Yes
L1 3BH53.403281-2.989607334304390063SJ343900Yes
L1 3BL53.404993-2.98569334567390250SJ345902Yes
L1 3BN53.404014-2.985653334568390141SJ345901Yes
L1 3BP53.40298-2.985764334559390026SJ345900No
L1 3BR53.403673-2.9856334571390103SJ345901No
L1 3BT53.404287-2.9842334665390170SJ346901Yes
L1 3BX53.404162-2.984092334672390156SJ346901Yes
L1 3BY53.403826-2.985588334572390120SJ345901No
L1 3BZ53.404162-2.984092334672390156SJ346901Yes
L1 3DA53.404478-2.98279334759390190SJ347901Yes
L1 3DB53.403662-2.983659334700390100SJ347900No
L1 3DD53.404729-2.983894334686390219SJ346902Yes
L1 3DE53.404209-2.98492334617390162SJ346901Yes
L1 3DF53.403561-2.989252334328390094SJ343900Yes
L1 3DG53.40363-2.98429334658390097SJ346900No
L1 3DH53.404513-2.983017334744390194SJ347901Yes
L1 3DJ53.404549-2.985184334600390200SJ345902No
L1 3DL53.403469-2.985354334587390080SJ345900Yes
L1 3DN53.403076-2.984999334610390036SJ346900Yes
L1 3DP53.402882-2.985596334570390015SJ345900No
L1 3DQ53.403417-2.985022334609390074SJ346900No
L1 3DR53.403854-2.985468334580390123SJ345901No
L1 3DS53.4037-2.984412334650390105SJ346901Yes
L1 3DT53.403496-2.985295334591390083SJ345900Yes
L1 3DU53.40365-2.985163334600390100SJ345901No
L1 3DW53.402882-2.985596334570390015SJ345900No
L1 3DX53.403662-2.983659334700390100SJ347900No
L1 3DY53.404147-2.982602334771390153SJ347901Yes
L1 3DZ53.404481-2.982384334786390190SJ347901Yes
L1 3EB53.403266-2.984868334619390057SJ346900Yes
L1 3ED53.403726-2.985766334560390109SJ345901Yes
L1 3EE53.403662-2.983659334700390100SJ347900No
L1 3EF53.403638-2.986667334500390100SJ344901No
L1 3EG53.404971-2.985208334599390247SJ345902No
L1 3EH53.403745-2.985616334570390111SJ345901No
L1 3EJ53.403662-2.983659334700390100SJ347900No
L1 3EP53.404536-2.986688334500390200SJ344901No
L1 3EQ53.404549-2.985184334600390200SJ345902No
L1 3ES53.404549-2.985184334600390200SJ345902No
L1 3EU53.403545-2.985807334557390089SJ345900Yes
L1 3EX53.404519-2.985529334577390197SJ345901No
L1 3EY53.403638-2.986667334500390100SJ344901No
L1 3FN53.404913-2.984515334645390240SJ346902Yes
L1 3FT53.40485-2.984559334642390233SJ346902No
L1 3HD53.40463-2.981891334819390206SJ348902Yes
L1 3HE53.402023-2.986223334527389920SJ345899No
L1 3HJ53.402067-2.986209334528389925SJ345899Yes
L1 3YX53.380332-2.976431335145387498SJ351874No
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