L10 4 postcodes Liverpool

This is a list of postcodes in the L10 4 area covering the areas of Aintree Village, Fazakerley, Liverpool. The area contains approximately 1,166 households with a population of about 2,871 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L10 4AB53.465853-2.912519339518396955SJ395969Yes
L10 4UD53.46296-2.946138337282396663SJ372966No
L10 4UE53.469336-2.908618339782397339SJ397973Yes
L10 4UF53.469178-2.906942339893397320SJ398973Yes
L10 4UG53.469328-2.907337339867397337SJ398973Yes
L10 4UH53.469606-2.906183339944397367SJ399973Yes
L10 4UJ53.469004-2.906246339939397301SJ399973Yes
L10 4UL53.46656-2.907233339870397029SJ398970No
L10 4UN53.464141-2.908612339775396762SJ397967Yes
L10 4UP53.464687-2.912405339524396825SJ395968Yes
L10 4UQ53.470258-2.906845339901397441SJ399974Yes
L10 4UR53.464663-2.912028339549396822SJ395968Yes
L10 4US53.464658-2.90909339744396819SJ397968Yes
L10 4UT53.463867-2.910263339665396732SJ396967Yes
L10 4UU53.464624-2.910069339679396816SJ396968Yes
L10 4UW53.46471-2.910552339647396826SJ396968Yes
L10 4UX53.463958-2.911335339594396743SJ395967Yes
L10 4UY53.463973-2.909362339725396743SJ397967Yes
L10 4UZ53.464226-2.911551339580396773SJ395967Yes
L10 4WY53.46296-2.946138337282396663SJ372966No
L10 4WZ53.46296-2.946138337282396663SJ372966No
L10 4XA53.466551-2.911948339557397032SJ395970Yes
L10 4XE53.468057-2.911332339600397199SJ396971No
L10 4XF53.468944-2.912858339500397299SJ395972No
L10 4XG53.468617-2.911028339621397262SJ396972Yes
L10 4XH53.467423-2.910761339637397128SJ396971Yes
L10 4XJ53.466284-2.910496339653397002SJ396970Yes
L10 4XL53.465827-2.90559339978396947SJ399969Yes
L10 4XN53.467203-2.905499339986397100SJ399970Yes
L10 4XP53.465362-2.907554339847396896SJ398968Yes
L10 4XQ53.465619-2.912816339498396930SJ394969Yes
L10 4XR53.466138-2.904829340029396980SJ400969Yes
L10 4XS53.465675-2.911402339592396935SJ395969Yes
L10 4XT53.46548-2.910915339624396912SJ396969Yes
L10 4XU53.465146-2.91002339683396875SJ396968Yes
L10 4XW53.46643-2.911312339599397018SJ395970Yes
L10 4XX53.466028-2.909797339699396972SJ396969Yes
L10 4XY53.466225-2.908792339766396994SJ397969Yes
L10 4XZ53.466354-2.908373339794397008SJ397970Yes
L10 4YA53.466162-2.907556339848396985SJ398969Yes
L10 4YB53.465903-2.907309339864396956SJ398969Yes
L10 4YD53.46602-2.906197339938396969SJ399969Yes
L10 4YE53.468763-2.90841339795397276SJ397972Yes
L10 4YF53.466562-2.907037339883397030SJ398970Yes
L10 4YG53.466967-2.9081339813397075SJ398970Yes
L10 4YH53.467101-2.905843339963397088SJ399970Yes
L10 4YJ53.468284-2.906321339933397220SJ399972Yes
L10 4YL53.467308-2.904673340041397111SJ400971Yes
L10 4YN53.467486-2.904827340031397130SJ400971Yes
L10 4YP53.46778-2.908705339774397166SJ397971Yes
L10 4YQ53.467163-2.906868339895397096SJ398970Yes
L10 4YR53.468058-2.908907339761397198SJ397971Yes
L10 4YS53.468512-2.909429339727397248SJ397972Yes
L10 4YT53.469011-2.910057339686397305SJ396973Yes
L10 4YU53.469243-2.910228339675397330SJ396973Yes
L10 4YW53.468013-2.905321339999397189SJ399971Yes
L10 4YX53.468088-2.91076339638397202SJ396972Yes
L10 4YY53.467147-2.912819339500397099SJ395970No
L10 4YZ53.468956-2.911351339600397299SJ396972No
L10 4ZA53.468956-2.911351339600397299SJ396972No
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