L20 1 postcodes Liverpool

This is a list of postcodes in the L20 1 area covering the areas of Bootle, Kirkdale, Orrell, Liverpool. The area contains approximately 3 households with a population of about 4 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L20 1AA53.450378-2.992313334197395305SJ341953Yes
L20 1AB53.432716-2.993211334110393341SJ341933Yes
L20 1AD53.448107-3.001474333585395061SJ335950Yes
L20 1AE53.448461-3.001257333600395100SJ336951No
L20 1AF53.448593-3.003685333439395117SJ334951Yes
L20 1AG53.447389-3.003611333442394983SJ334949No
L20 1AH53.450083-3.003719333439395283SJ334952Yes
L20 1AJ53.448099-3.00149333584395060SJ335950No
L20 1AL53.450242-2.999944333690395297SJ336952Yes
L20 1AN53.449793-3.003126333478395250SJ334952Yes
L20 1AP53.450874-3.001856333564395369SJ335953No
L20 1AQ53.448765-3.004607333378395137SJ333951No
L20 1AR53.450079-3.004427333392395283SJ333952Yes
L20 1AS53.451207-3.00367333444395408SJ334954Yes
L20 1AT53.450233-3.004311333400395300SJ333953No
L20 1AU53.44916-3.007854333163395184SJ331951No
L20 1AW53.450556-3.000929333625395333SJ336953Yes
L20 1AX53.451227-3.003672333444395410SJ334954No
L20 1AY53.457435-3.002975333500396100SJ334960No
L20 1AZ53.449138-3.001891333559395176SJ335951No
L20 1BA53.448761-3.010222333005395142SJ330951Yes
L20 1BB53.450362-3.010277333004395320SJ330953No
L20 1BD53.451299-3.011112332950395425SJ329954No
L20 1BE53.454324-3.011393332936395762SJ329957Yes
L20 1BF53.435106-2.998731333747393612SJ337936No
L20 1BG53.458911-3.014319332749396275SJ327962Yes
L20 1BH53.458921-3.014396332744396276SJ327962No
L20 1BJ53.443967-3.001152333600394600SJ335945No
L20 1BL53.444417-3.002004333544394651SJ335946Yes
L20 1BN53.444589-3.00094333615394669SJ336946Yes
L20 1BP53.447095-3.001195333602394948SJ336949Yes
L20 1BQ53.445281-2.998667333767394744SJ337947Yes
L20 1BR53.446855-3.000858333624394921SJ336949No
L20 1BS53.447111-3.001194333602394950SJ336949Yes
L20 1BT53.448792-3.007845333163395143SJ331951No
L20 1BU53.446399-3.000592333641394870SJ336948No
L20 1BW53.444581-2.999736333695394667SJ336946No
L20 1BX53.447439-3.004936333354394990SJ333949Yes
L20 1BY53.441063-3.009603333034394285SJ330942Yes
L20 1BZ53.442992-3.010162333000394500SJ330944No
L20 1DB53.445446-3.003791333427394767SJ334947Yes
L20 1DD53.44122-3.007109333200394300SJ331942No
L20 1DE53.434927-2.998439333766393592SJ337935Yes
L20 1DF53.435106-2.998731333747393612SJ337936No
L20 1DH53.435853-3.003971333400393700SJ334936No
L20 1DJ53.435853-3.003971333400393700SJ334936No
L20 1DL53.440347-3.004077333400394200SJ334942No
L20 1DP53.439499-2.998036333800394100SJ337941No
L20 1DQ53.436451-2.999184333719393762SJ337937No
L20 1DR53.451375-3.001867333564395425SJ335954Yes
L20 1DU53.45637-3.022528332200396000SJ321959No
L20 1DW53.45465-3.013451332800395800SJ327958No
L20 1DX53.451466-3.006252333273395439SJ332954No
L20 1DZ53.435853-3.003971333400393700SJ334936No
L20 1EA53.445503-3.000072333674394770SJ336947Yes
L20 1EB53.455282-3.010784332978395868SJ329958Yes
L20 1ED53.452279-3.008755333108395532SJ331955Yes
L20 1EE53.44409-3.00022333662394613SJ336946Yes
L20 1EF53.451311-3.013716332777395429SJ327954Yes
L20 1EH53.450583-2.991414334257395327SJ342953No
L20 1EJ53.469219-2.969084335768397380SJ357973Yes
L20 1EP53.444529-3.001707333564394663SJ335946Yes
L20 1EQ53.443942-3.004162333400394600SJ334946No
L20 1ER53.443967-3.001152333600394600SJ335945No
L20 1ES53.447424-3.003793333430394987SJ334949Yes
L20 1ET53.45016-3.012877332831395300SJ328952No
L20 1EU53.443967-3.001152333600394600SJ335945No
L20 1EX53.445692-3.000183333667394791SJ336947No
L20 1EY53.445692-3.000183333667394791SJ336947No
L20 1EZ53.445382-2.998595333772394755SJ337947Yes
L20 1HA53.451723-3.006453333260395468SJ332954Yes
L20 1HB53.450322-3.005472333323395311SJ333953Yes
L20 1WA53.469219-2.969084335768397380SJ357973No
L20 1YU53.450067-3.003719333439395281SJ334952No
L20 1YW53.450583-2.991414334257395327SJ342953No
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