L22 0 postcodes Sefton

This is a list of postcodes in the L22 0 area covering the areas of Waterloo, Sefton. The area contains approximately 513 households with a population of about 1,175 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L22 0AB53.474401-3.021438332301398004SJ323980Yes
L22 0AD53.478523-3.022878332212398464SJ322984Yes
L22 0JJ53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JL53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JN53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JP53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JR53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JT53.476337-3.025389332042398223SJ320982No
L22 0JU53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JW53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JX53.476337-3.025389332042398223SJ320982No
L22 0JY53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0JZ53.476337-3.025389332042398223SJ320982No
L22 0LA53.474198-3.022248332247397982SJ322979Yes
L22 0LD53.47762-3.023338332180398364SJ321983Yes
L22 0LE53.477926-3.024553332100398399SJ321983No
L22 0LF53.478897-3.023537332169398506SJ321985No
L22 0LG53.475236-3.021503332298398097SJ322980Yes
L22 0LH53.47598-3.022969332202398181SJ322981Yes
L22 0LJ53.47565-3.02379332147398145SJ321981No
L22 0LL53.47479-3.023453332168398049SJ321980Yes
L22 0LN53.477086-3.027124331928398308SJ319983Yes
L22 0LP53.475293-3.02345332169398105SJ321981Yes
L22 0LQ53.478022-3.02264332227398408SJ322984Yes
L22 0LR53.475358-3.02532332045398114SJ320981Yes
L22 0LS53.47553-3.025188332054398133SJ320981Yes
L22 0LT53.47587-3.024323332112398170SJ321981Yes
L22 0LU53.475217-3.025995332000398099SJ319980No
L22 0LW53.477269-3.026828331948398329SJ319983Yes
L22 0LY53.474989-3.025416332038398074SJ320980Yes
L22 0NA53.474902-3.024977332067398063SJ320980No
L22 0NB53.475217-3.025995332000398099SJ319980No
L22 0ND53.475748-3.02364332157398156SJ321981Yes
L22 0NE53.475217-3.025995332000398099SJ319980No
L22 0NF53.475217-3.025995332000398099SJ319980No
L22 0NG53.475217-3.025995332000398099SJ319980No
L22 0NH53.475754-3.026249331984398159SJ319981Yes
L22 0NJ53.476049-3.025472332036398191SJ320981Yes
L22 0NL53.476217-3.024768332083398210SJ320982Yes
L22 0NN53.476829-3.027721331888398280SJ318982Yes
L22 0NP53.476389-3.024546332098398228SJ320982Yes
L22 0NQ53.475611-3.025972332002398143SJ320981Yes
L22 0NR53.476844-3.023879332143398278SJ321982Yes
L22 0NS53.477992-3.02502332069398407SJ320984Yes
L22 0NT53.47758-3.026127331995398362SJ319983Yes
L22 0NU53.476966-3.025464332038398293SJ320982Yes
L22 0NW53.477021-3.027424331908398301SJ319983Yes
L22 0NX53.476825-3.025054332065398277SJ320982Yes
L22 0NY53.478523-3.022878332212398464SJ322984No
L22 0NZ53.477926-3.024553332100398399SJ321983No
L22 0PB53.474752-3.022563332227398044SJ322980Yes
L22 0PD53.477926-3.024553332100398399SJ321983No
L22 0PF53.475283-3.021521332297398103SJ322981No
L22 0PH53.477926-3.024553332100398399SJ321983No
L22 0PJ53.475236-3.021503332298398097SJ322980Yes
L22 0PL53.475283-3.021521332297398103SJ322981No
L22 0PN53.475861-3.024323332112398169SJ321981No
L22 0PQ53.47523-3.024488332100398099SJ321980No
L22 0PS53.468054-3.022809332200397300SJ322972No
L22 0PT53.475236-3.021503332298398097SJ322980Yes
L22 0PX53.477939-3.023047332200398399SJ322983No
L22 0PY53.473446-3.022938332200397899SJ322978No
L22 0QB53.475236-3.021503332298398097SJ322980No
L22 0QF53.475243-3.022982332200398099SJ322980No
L22 0QH53.47466-3.021595332291398033SJ322980Yes
L22 0QN53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0QP53.475243-3.022982332200398099SJ322980No
L22 0QR53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0QT53.475243-3.022982332200398099SJ322980No
L22 0QW53.474187-3.021344332307397980SJ323979Yes
L22 0QY53.476337-3.025389332042398223SJ320982No
L22 0QZ53.476373-3.02545332038398228SJ320982No
L22 0SL53.478525-3.02288332212398464SJ322984No
L22 0WA53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0WT53.475609-3.027267331916398144SJ319981Yes
L22 0WU53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0WW53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0WX53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0WY53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0WZ53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0XA53.475609-3.027267331916398144SJ319981Yes
L22 0YX53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 0ZX53.475593-3.027269331916398142SJ319981Yes
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