L22 3 postcodes Sefton

This is a list of postcodes in the L22 3 area covering the areas of Waterloo, Sefton. The area contains approximately 578 households with a population of about 1,378 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L22 3RB53.473375-3.020662332351397889SJ323978Yes
L22 3UY53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 3UZ53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 3WA53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 3WB53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 3WZ53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 3XA53.473631-3.020216332381397917SJ323979Yes
L22 3XB53.47398-3.01935332439397955SJ324979Yes
L22 3XD53.474838-3.018844332474398050SJ324980Yes
L22 3XE53.474856-3.020771332346398054SJ323980Yes
L22 3XF53.478727-3.021074332332398485SJ323984Yes
L22 3XG53.47498-3.020067332393398067SJ323980Yes
L22 3XH53.478559-3.019897332410398465SJ324984Yes
L22 3XJ53.479042-3.02229332252398521SJ322985Yes
L22 3XL53.477266-3.020785332349398322SJ323983Yes
L22 3XN53.477006-3.018594332494398291SJ324982Yes
L22 3XP53.476626-3.018977332468398249SJ324982Yes
L22 3XQ53.477794-3.021099332329398381SJ323983Yes
L22 3XR53.476714-3.020215332386398260SJ323982No
L22 3XS53.476562-3.021007332333398244SJ323982Yes
L22 3XT53.475593-3.018832332476398134SJ324981Yes
L22 3XU53.475469-3.017335332575398119SJ325981Yes
L22 3XW53.478051-3.018378332510398407SJ325984No
L22 3XX53.474361-3.016858332605397996SJ326979Yes
L22 3XY53.472993-3.018031332525397844SJ325978Yes
L22 3XZ53.473884-3.017947332532397943SJ325979Yes
L22 3YA53.472548-3.017523332558397794SJ325977Yes
L22 3YB53.47296-3.01565332683397839SJ326978Yes
L22 3YD53.473133-3.016422332632397858SJ326978Yes
L22 3YE53.47321-3.016846332604397867SJ326978Yes
L22 3YF53.473266-3.017661332550397874SJ325978Yes
L22 3YG53.473138-3.019978332396397862SJ323978Yes
L22 3YH53.475619-3.016813332610398135SJ326981Yes
L22 3YJ53.475619-3.016813332610398135SJ326981No
L22 3YL53.475217-3.025995332000398099SJ319980No
L22 3YN53.475217-3.025995332000398099SJ319980No
L22 3YP53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 3YR53.477572-3.017643332558398353SJ325983Yes
L22 3YT53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 3YU53.477716-3.019756332418398371SJ324983Yes
L22 3YX53.477937-3.018074332530398394SJ325983Yes
  • Page 1 of 1 (41 postcodes, 29 active)

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