L22 5 postcodes Sefton

This is a list of postcodes in the L22 5 area covering the areas of Waterloo, Sefton. The area contains approximately 734 households with a population of about 1,335 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L22 5AB53.472544-3.026412331968397802SJ319978Yes
L22 5BD53.472592-3.023912332134397805SJ321978Yes
L22 5NA53.473729-3.025492332031397933SJ320979Yes
L22 5NB53.473163-3.025508332029397870SJ320978Yes
L22 5ND53.473038-3.02436332105397855SJ321978Yes
L22 5NF53.47342-3.025951332000397899SJ320978No
L22 5NG53.475894-3.0286331828398177SJ318981Yes
L22 5NH53.475204-3.027501331900398099SJ319980No
L22 5NL53.47383-3.025055332060397944SJ320979Yes
L22 5NN53.47581-3.029203331788398168SJ317981Yes
L22 5NP53.476238-3.02965331759398217SJ317982Yes
L22 5NQ53.475204-3.027501331900398099SJ319980No
L22 5NR53.47633-3.030406331709398227SJ317982Yes
L22 5NS53.475059-3.02852331832398084SJ318980Yes
L22 5NT53.474597-3.028104331859398032SJ318980Yes
L22 5NU53.474288-3.028488331833397998SJ318979Yes
L22 5NW53.47554-3.029227331786398138SJ317981Yes
L22 5NX53.473407-3.027457331900397899SJ319978No
L22 5NY53.473582-3.027974331866397919SJ318979Yes
L22 5NZ53.472838-3.02773331881397836SJ318978Yes
L22 5PA53.472921-3.026466331965397844SJ319978Yes
L22 5PB53.472485-3.025914332001397795SJ320977Yes
L22 5PD53.472095-3.026416331967397753SJ319977Yes
L22 5PE53.474256-3.027792331879397994SJ318979Yes
L22 5PJ53.474306-3.027479331900397999SJ319979No
L22 5PL53.474985-3.029844331744398077SJ317980Yes
L22 5PP53.475191-3.029007331800398099SJ318980No
L22 5PQ53.473807-3.027934331869397944SJ318979Yes
L22 5PR53.472651-3.028554331826397816SJ318978Yes
L22 5PS53.471907-3.027376331903397733SJ319977Yes
L22 5PT53.470647-3.026457331962397591SJ319975Yes
L22 5PU53.470644-3.024739332076397589SJ320975Yes
L22 5PW53.475034-3.029486331768398082SJ317980Yes
L22 5PX53.470321-3.024671332080397553SJ320975Yes
L22 5PY53.47012-3.0248332071397531SJ320975Yes
L22 5PZ53.46933-3.023864332132397442SJ321974Yes
L22 5QA53.472741-3.027304331909397825SJ319978Yes
L22 5QB53.473407-3.027457331900397899SJ319978No
L22 5QD53.473428-3.026072331992397900SJ319979Yes
L22 5QE53.500586-3.002485333600400900SD336008No
L22 5QF53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 5QH53.473449-3.026735331948397903SJ319979Yes
L22 5QJ53.473213-3.024967332065397876SJ320978Yes
L22 5QL53.472993-3.025368332038397851SJ320978Yes
L22 5QN53.471208-3.027118331919397655SJ319976Yes
L22 5QP53.473407-3.027457331900397899SJ319978No
L22 5QS53.473394-3.028964331800397899SJ318978No
L22 5QT53.475999-3.030262331718398191SJ317981Yes
L22 5QU53.473356-3.027065331926397893SJ319978Yes
L22 5QW53.469865-3.025413332030397503SJ320975Yes
L22 5QX53.47333-3.028043331861397891SJ318978Yes
L22 5QY53.476077-3.030535331700398199SJ317981No
L22 5QZ53.468816-3.02825331840397389SJ318973No
L22 5RA53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 5RD53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 5RE53.473312-3.027033331928397888SJ319978No
L22 5RF53.473947-3.02842331837397960SJ318979No
L22 5RG53.473481-3.027158331920397907SJ319979No
L22 5RH53.468816-3.02825331840397389SJ318973No
L22 5RJ53.473312-3.027033331928397888SJ319978No
L22 5RL53.473312-3.027033331928397888SJ319978No
L22 5RN53.468967-3.024292332103397402SJ321974Yes
L22 5RP53.468967-3.024292332103397402SJ321974No
L22 5RQ53.473481-3.027158331920397907SJ319979No
L22 5RW53.473312-3.027033331928397888SJ319978No
L22 5WA53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 5WB53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 5WY53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L22 5WZ53.475593-3.027269331916398142SJ319981No
L22 5YX53.468967-3.024292332103397402SJ321974No
  • Page 1 of 1 (70 postcodes, 41 active)

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