L23 3 postcodes Sefton

This is a list of postcodes in the L23 3 area covering the areas of Blundellsands, Brighton-le-Sands, Crosby, Little Crosby, Thornton, Sefton. The area contains approximately 1,056 households with a population of about 2,523 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L23 3AD53.486985-3.037341331266399420SJ312994Yes
L23 3AE53.486214-3.036026331352399332SJ313993Yes
L23 3AF53.486937-3.034506331454399411SJ314994Yes
L23 3AG53.486626-3.036187331342399378SJ313993Yes
L23 3AH53.488197-3.036376331332399553SJ313995Yes
L23 3AJ53.487406-3.036417331328399465SJ313994Yes
L23 3AL53.487561-3.035185331410399482SJ314994Yes
L23 3AN53.485291-3.034662331441399228SJ314992Yes
L23 3AP53.485495-3.036054331349399252SJ313992Yes
L23 3AQ53.4856-3.037397331260399265SJ312992Yes
L23 3AR53.488324-3.035248331407399566SJ314995Yes
L23 3AS53.48549-3.032452331588399248SJ315992Yes
L23 3AT53.486647-3.033517331519399378SJ315993Yes
L23 3AU53.485937-3.033789331500399299SJ315992No
L23 3AW53.485485-3.035119331411399250SJ314992Yes
L23 3AX53.488854-3.034236331475399624SJ314996Yes
L23 3AY53.483853-3.033648331506399068SJ315990Yes
L23 3AZ53.484203-3.033641331507399106SJ315991Yes
L23 3BA53.486265-3.034249331470399336SJ314993Yes
L23 3BB53.484316-3.035091331411399120SJ314991Yes
L23 3BD53.484694-3.033035331548399160SJ315991Yes
L23 3BE53.483915-3.034719331435399075SJ314990Yes
L23 3BG53.484937-3.032996331551399187SJ315991Yes
L23 3BH53.487549-3.033421331527399478SJ315994No
L23 3BJ53.487581-3.03155331651399480SJ316994Yes
L23 3BN53.487179-3.030428331725399434SJ317994Yes
L23 3BP53.486449-3.026492331985399349SJ319993Yes
L23 3BQ53.484057-3.034933331421399091SJ314990Yes
L23 3BR53.486763-3.032814331566399390SJ315993Yes
L23 3BS53.486584-3.031679331641399369SJ316993Yes
L23 3BT53.48605-3.031064331681399309SJ316993Yes
L23 3BU53.486416-3.030319331731399349SJ317993Yes
L23 3BW53.486768-3.025759332034399384SJ320993Yes
L23 3BX53.485948-3.030383331726399297SJ317992Yes
L23 3BY53.487402-3.028564331849399457SJ318994Yes
L23 3BZ53.485744-3.030092331745399274SJ317992Yes
L23 3DA53.48703-3.027968331888399415SJ318994Yes
L23 3DB53.487099-3.027201331939399422SJ319994Yes
L23 3DD53.485322-3.026902331956399224SJ319992Yes
L23 3DE53.485761-3.026068332012399273SJ320992Yes
L23 3DF53.486229-3.028054331881399326SJ318993Yes
L23 3DG53.485149-3.029218331802399207SJ318992Yes
L23 3DH53.485202-3.027321331928399212SJ319992Yes
L23 3DJ53.484827-3.028005331882399170SJ318991Yes
L23 3DL53.48447-3.028735331833399131SJ318991Yes
L23 3DN53.485512-3.029935331755399249SJ317992Yes
L23 3DP53.486153-3.032495331586399322SJ315993Yes
L23 3DQ53.485045-3.028824331828399195SJ318991Yes
L23 3DR53.485433-3.031544331648399241SJ316992Yes
L23 3DS53.48745-3.033419331527399467SJ315994Yes
L23 3DT53.485077-3.029247331800399199SJ318991No
L23 3DW53.485253-3.029718331769399219SJ317992Yes
L23 3DX53.487734-3.033832331500399499SJ315994No
L23 3DY53.485911-3.036802331300399299SJ313992No
L23 3DZ53.485911-3.036802331300399299SJ313992No
L23 3EA53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L23 3EB53.485911-3.036802331300399299SJ313992No
L23 3ED53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L23 3EE53.485911-3.036802331300399299SJ313992No
L23 3EF53.485701-3.03199331619399272SJ316992No
L23 3EG53.485736-3.032036331616399275SJ316992No
L23 3EH53.485701-3.03199331619399272SJ316992No
L23 3EJ53.485701-3.03199331619399272SJ316992No
L23 3EL53.485253-3.029718331769399219SJ317992No
L23 3EQ53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L23 3HB53.485911-3.036802331300399299SJ313992No
L23 3HD53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L23 3WA53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L23 3WB53.475593-3.027269331916398142SJ319981No
L23 3WD53.475609-3.027267331916398144SJ319981No
L23 3WZ53.475513-3.027147331924398133SJ319981No
L23 3YX53.475593-3.027269331916398142SJ319981Yes
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