L40 2 postcodes West Lancashire

This is a list of postcodes in the L40 2 area covering the areas of Burscough, Scarisbrick, West Lancashire. The area contains approximately 516 households with a population of about 1,218 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L40 2PA53.629169-2.791394347761415028SD477150Yes
L40 2QA53.630467-2.802986346996415181SD469151Yes
L40 2QB53.625817-2.783211348298414650SD482146Yes
L40 2QD53.627564-2.789549347881414849SD478148Yes
L40 2QE53.627649-2.784803348195414855SD481148Yes
L40 2QF53.62718-2.782239348364414800SD483148Yes
L40 2QG53.626617-2.772082349035414731SD490147Yes
L40 2QH53.635349-2.781104348449415708SD484157Yes
L40 2QJ53.627253-2.769674349195414800SD491147Yes
L40 2QL53.62795-2.770277349156414878SD491148Yes
L40 2QN53.627286-2.768738349257414803SD492148Yes
L40 2QP53.627188-2.768281349287414791SD492147Yes
L40 2QQ53.627425-2.773549348939414821SD489148Yes
L40 2QR53.628765-2.767872349316414966SD493149Yes
L40 2QS53.628742-2.770155349165414966SD491149Yes
L40 2QT53.629043-2.769344349219414998SD492149Yes
L40 2QU53.629003-2.754205350220414983SD502149Yes
L40 2QW53.629409-2.767007349374415038SD493150Yes
L40 2QX53.630398-2.74413350888415131SD508151Yes
L40 2QY53.630863-2.760274349821415194SD498151Yes
L40 2QZ53.629929-2.758684349925415089SD499150Yes
L40 2RA53.638991-2.745338350818416088SD508160Yes
L40 2RB53.642212-2.743733350928416446SD509164Yes
L40 2RD53.643274-2.750604350475416568SD504165Yes
L40 2RE53.627718-2.750131350488414837SD504148Yes
L40 2RF53.627411-2.750383350471414803SD504148Yes
L40 2RG53.63916-2.748716350595416109SD505161Yes
L40 2RH53.633315-2.75032350482415460SD504154Yes
L40 2RJ53.635122-2.750565350468415662SD504156Yes
L40 2RL53.640068-2.762996349652416221SD496162Yes
L40 2RN53.627501-2.771539349072414828SD490148Yes
L40 2RP53.628162-2.768103349300414900SD493148No
L40 2RQ53.637452-2.748837350585415920SD505159Yes
L40 2RR53.628162-2.768103349300414900SD493148No
L40 2RS53.628162-2.768103349300414900SD493148No
L40 2RT53.628162-2.768103349300414900SD493148No
L40 2RU53.628662-2.764362349548414953SD495149Yes
L40 2RW53.628162-2.768103349300414900SD493148No
L40 2RX53.639648-2.745428350813416161SD508161No
L40 2RY53.639648-2.745428350813416161SD508161No
L40 2RZ53.629316-2.764752349523415026SD495150No
L40 2SA53.628162-2.768103349300414900SD493148No
L40 2SB53.639301-2.753544350276416129SD502161Yes
L40 2WA53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 2WB53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 2WT53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 2WU53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 2WW53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 2WX53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 2WY53.639301-2.753574350274416129SD502161No
L40 2WZ53.639301-2.753574350274416129SD502161No
L40 2YX53.639301-2.753574350274416129SD502161No
  • Page 1 of 1 (52 postcodes, 34 active)

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