L40 3 postcodes West Lancashire

This is a list of postcodes in the L40 3 area covering the areas of Burscough, Scarisbrick, West Lancashire. The area contains approximately 312 households with a population of about 765 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
L40 3AB53.615695-2.775057348825413518SD488135Yes
L40 3AD53.622298-2.74128351067414228SD510142Yes
L40 3AE53.625348-2.766342349413414585SD494145Yes
L40 3PP53.625107-2.745186350812414544SD508145Yes
L40 3SA53.621446-2.791688347732414169SD477141Yes
L40 3SB53.61565-2.78331348279413519SD482135Yes
L40 3SD53.61041-2.777711348643412931SD486129Yes
L40 3SE53.626008-2.754788350178414650SD501146Yes
L40 3SF53.62633-2.75366350253414686SD502146Yes
L40 3SG53.614638-2.773028348958413398SD489133Yes
L40 3SH53.61102-2.7682349273412993SD492129Yes
L40 3SJ53.613764-2.764666349510413295SD495132Yes
L40 3SL53.609515-2.761415349720412820SD497128Yes
L40 3SN53.616496-2.753681350240413591SD502135Yes
L40 3SP53.621757-2.743177350941414169SD509141Yes
L40 3SQ53.615259-2.774248348878413468SD488134Yes
L40 3SR53.610732-2.75834349925412953SD499129Yes
L40 3SS53.610795-2.749786350491412954SD504129Yes
L40 3ST53.614822-2.745504350779413400SD507133Yes
L40 3SU53.623696-2.737768351301414381SD513143Yes
L40 3SW53.622377-2.742929350958414238SD509142Yes
L40 3SX53.624329-2.74298350957414455SD509144Yes
L40 3SY53.620264-2.766267349412414020SD494140Yes
L40 3SZ53.618426-2.76962349188413817SD491138Yes
L40 3TA53.622907-2.747718350642414301SD506143Yes
L40 3TB53.623197-2.755568350123414338SD501143Yes
L40 3TD53.623584-2.774038348902414394SD489143Yes
L40 3TE53.624497-2.767613349328414491SD493144Yes
L40 3TF53.623967-2.767558349331414432SD493144Yes
L40 3TG53.621018-2.773371348943414109SD489141Yes
L40 3TH53.615537-2.775886348770413501SD487135Yes
L40 3TL53.603886-2.769174349200412200SD492121No
L40 3TN53.59313-2.764446349500411000SD495109No
L40 3TQ53.620422-2.780662348460414047SD484140Yes
L40 3TR53.620643-2.778429348608414070SD486140Yes
L40 3TS53.620415-2.765015349495414035SD494140No
L40 3TT53.621544-2.764188349551414160SD495141No
L40 3TU53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3TW53.622363-2.739512351184414234SD511142Yes
L40 3WA53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WB53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WR53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WS53.571163-2.879405341861408643SD418086No
L40 3WT53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WU53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WW53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WX53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WY53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3WZ53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3XA53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
L40 3XB53.571298-2.879393341862408659SD418086No
  • Page 1 of 1 (51 postcodes, 34 active)

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