M90 3 postcodes Manchester

This is a list of postcodes in the M90 3 area covering the areas of Manchester Airport.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
M90 3AA53.362244-2.273352381906385076SJ819850No
M90 3AE53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3AF53.361624-2.273258381912385007SJ819850Yes
M90 3AG53.36249-2.271926382001385103SJ820851No
M90 3AH53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855Yes
M90 3AL53.361624-2.273258381912385007SJ819850Yes
M90 3AP53.36176-2.264724382480385020SJ824850No
M90 3AQ53.362244-2.273202381916385076SJ819850No
M90 3AT53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855No
M90 3AY53.362244-2.273202381916385076SJ819850No
M90 3AZ53.361128-2.265922382400384950SJ824849No
M90 3BB53.361591-2.267969382264385002SJ822850Yes
M90 3BX53.360552-2.270186382116384887SJ821848No
M90 3DA53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3DE53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855No
M90 3DF53.362244-2.273202381916385076SJ819850No
M90 3DN53.366134-2.274144381855385509SJ818855Yes
M90 3DP53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855Yes
M90 3DQ53.366134-2.274144381855385509SJ818855Yes
M90 3EE53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855No
M90 3EX53.363085-2.27474381814385170SJ818851Yes
M90 3FE53.361624-2.273258381912385007SJ819850Yes
M90 3FH53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3FL53.366134-2.274144381855385509SJ818855Yes
M90 3FS53.362997-2.273898381870385160SJ818851No
M90 3GF53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3HA53.362235-2.273352381906385075SJ819850No
M90 3HG53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3HH53.362244-2.273202381916385076SJ819850No
M90 3JB53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855No
M90 3JJ53.362244-2.273352381906385076SJ819850No
M90 3NS53.364493-2.268543382227385325SJ822853Yes
M90 3NT53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3NU53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3NW53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3NX53.362244-2.273202381916385076SJ819850No
M90 3NY53.362244-2.273202381916385076SJ819850No
M90 3NZ53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3PA53.362009-2.265657382418385048SJ824850No
M90 3PF53.361618-2.271846382006385006SJ820850No
M90 3PY53.362244-2.273202381916385076SJ819850No
M90 3RA53.365097-2.275399381771385394SJ817853Yes
M90 3RH53.362997-2.273898381870385160SJ818851No
M90 3RR53.365506-2.272621381956385439SJ819854Yes
M90 3RS53.364552-2.274103381857385333SJ818853No
M90 3SA53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850No
M90 3SB53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3SP53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855No
M90 3SW53.362244-2.273337381907385076SJ819850No
M90 3TH53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3TR53.361932-2.271878382004385041SJ820850Yes
M90 3WR53.364333-2.271532382028385308SJ820853No
M90 3WT53.397233-2.258733382893388965SJ828889Yes
M90 3WU53.397233-2.258733382893388965SJ828889No
M90 3WW53.397249-2.258734382893388967SJ828889No
M90 3WX53.366152-2.274144381855385511SJ818855No
M90 3WY53.397233-2.258733382893388965SJ828889No
M90 3WZ53.397233-2.258733382893388965SJ828889No
M90 3YF53.362997-2.273898381870385160SJ818851No
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