MK77 postcodes Milton Keynes

This is a list of postcodes in the MK77 area covering the areas of Morgan Stanley Processing Centre, Milton Keynes.

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MK77 1 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
MK77 1AA52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AB52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AD52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AE52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AN52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AS52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AU52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AW52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AX52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AY52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1AZ52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1BA52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1BB52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1BD52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1BE52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1BL52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1BS52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1DD52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1DL52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1ES52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1EW52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1FF52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1FN52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1FP52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1HQ52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1JL52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1LD52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388No
MK77 1LG52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1LJ52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1LL52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388No
MK77 1LX52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1NF52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1NS52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1NT52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1NU52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1NW52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1PH52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1PS52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1QA52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1RB52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1RG52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1RP52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1RS52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1RZ52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1SA52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1SE52.0421-0.818851481108238847SP811388Yes
MK77 1SF52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1SP52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1SR52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1ST52.004991-0.718187488085234837SP880348Yes
MK77 1SW52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1SZ52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TA52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TE52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TF52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TG52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388No
MK77 1TJ52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TN52.010918-0.725813487550235487SP875354No
MK77 1TQ52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TS52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TW52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1TX52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1UA52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1UB52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1UF52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1WB52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1XY52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
MK77 1YL52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388No
MK77 1ZA52.042089-0.81887481107238846SP811388Yes
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