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This is a list of postcodes in the N13 area covering the areas of Palmers Green, Enfield. The area contains approximately 12,288 households with a population of about 31,712 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
N13 6JW51.608902-0.1096531000191700TQ309916No
N13 6JX51.610699-0.109525531000191900TQ310918No
N13 6JY51.610699-0.109525531000191900TQ310918No
N13 6JZ51.611345-0.101063531584191987TQ315919No
N13 6LA51.610699-0.109525531000191900TQ310918No
N13 6LB51.609925-0.098913531737191833TQ317918Yes
N13 6LD51.610045-0.098504531765191847TQ317918Yes
N13 6LE51.610386-0.100121531652191882TQ316918Yes
N13 6LF51.610148-0.099337531707191857TQ317918Yes
N13 6LH51.610774-0.097982531799191929TQ317919Yes
N13 6LJ51.610968-0.098898531735191949TQ317919Yes
N13 6PP51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WA51.611045-0.101437531559191953TQ315919No
N13 6WB51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WD51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WE51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WF51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943No
N13 6WG51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WH51.610699-0.109525531000191900TQ310918No
N13 6WJ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WL51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WN51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WP51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WQ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WR51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WT51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WU51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WW51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WX51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WY51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6WZ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6XF51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6YB51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6YF51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6YP51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6YQ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6YT51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 6YZ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9AA00No
N13 9AB51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9AD00No
N13 9AE00No
N13 9AF51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943No
N13 9AG00No
N13 9AH51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9AJ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9AL51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943No
N13 9AN51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9AP00No
N13 9AQ00No
N13 9AR00No
N13 9AS51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9AT00No
N13 9AU00No
N13 9AW00No
N13 9AX00No
N13 9AY51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943No
N13 9AZ00No
N13 9BA00No
N13 9BB51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943Yes
N13 9BD51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BE00No
N13 9BF00No
N13 9BG51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BH51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943No
N13 9BJ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BL51.632959-0.099528531628194393TQ316943Yes
N13 9BN51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BP51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BQ51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BR51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943No
N13 9BS51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BT51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BU51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BW51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943Yes
N13 9BX51.632901-0.099455531633194387TQ316943No
N13 9BY51.632956-0.099554531626194393TQ316943Yes

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