NE13 8 postcodes Newcastle

This is a list of postcodes in the NE13 8 area covering the areas of Airport, Wideopen, Dinnington, Newcastle. The area contains approximately 316 households with a population of about 736 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NE13 8AA55.014683-1.677515420720568951NZ207689Yes
NE13 8AB55.014356-1.676267420800568915NZ207689Yes
NE13 8AD55.014226-1.677831420700568900NZ207688No
NE13 8AE55.014117-1.677707420708568888NZ207688Yes
NE13 8AF55.015615-1.676522420783569055NZ207690Yes
NE13 8AG55.013924-1.679523420592568866NZ205688Yes
NE13 8AH55.017428-1.682497420400569255NZ204692Yes
NE13 8AJ55.018029-1.689186419972569320NZ199693No
NE13 8AL55.023942-1.683149420355569979NZ203699No
NE13 8AN55.021749-1.689095419976569734NZ199697Yes
NE13 8AP55.021125-1.694418419636569663NZ196696Yes
NE13 8AQ55.013346-1.678104420683568802NZ206688Yes
NE13 8AR55.021448-1.694228419648569699NZ196696Yes
NE13 8AS55.022782-1.695875419542569847NZ195698Yes
NE13 8AT55.021883-1.695882419542569747NZ195697Yes
NE13 8AU55.022767-1.697314419450569845NZ194698Yes
NE13 8AW55.020022-1.692846419737569540NZ197695Yes
NE13 8AX55.015185-1.677136420744569007NZ207690Yes
NE13 8AY55.011741-1.680228420548568623NZ205686Yes
NE13 8AZ55.019798-1.669027421260569522NZ212695Yes
NE13 8BA55.01986-1.668667421283569529NZ212695Yes
NE13 8BB55.015725-1.681431420469569066NZ204690Yes
NE13 8BD55.021739-1.692958419729569731NZ197697Yes
NE13 8BG55.021732-1.692943419730569731NZ197697Yes
NE13 8BH55.030521-1.700166419264570707NZ192707Yes
NE13 8BJ55.02215-1.691282419836569778NZ198697Yes
NE13 8BL55.023459-1.693649419684569923NZ196699Yes
NE13 8BN55.030031-1.701953419150570652NZ191706Yes
NE13 8BP55.028483-1.704655418978570479NZ189704Yes
NE13 8BQ55.037024-1.710116418625571428NZ186714No
NE13 8BS55.026752-1.695094419590570289NZ195702Yes
NE13 8BT55.033182-1.697236419450571004NZ194710Yes
NE13 8BU55.036913-1.7101418626571415NZ186714Yes
NE13 8BW55.019994-1.691439419827569538NZ198695Yes
NE13 8BX55.038335-1.709746418648571574NZ186715No
NE13 8BY55.036907-1.710085418627571415NZ186714Yes
NE13 8BZ55.036913-1.710037418630571415NZ186714Yes
NE13 8DA55.037024-1.710116418625571428NZ186714No
NE13 8DB55.03046-1.701168419200570700NZ191706No
NE13 8DD55.027772-1.704316419000570400NZ190703No
NE13 8DE55.027181-1.712611418470570332NZ184703Yes
NE13 8DF55.029045-1.703227419069570542NZ190705Yes
NE13 8DG55.033222-1.691682419805571010NZ198710No
NE13 8DH55.030495-1.677089420739570710NZ207707Yes
NE13 8DJ55.038713-1.713953418379571615NZ183716Yes
NE13 8DL55.026676-1.697332419447570280NZ194702No
NE13 8DN55.027791-1.704645418979570402NZ189704No
NE13 8DQ55.032521-1.689183419965570932NZ199709Yes
NE13 8DR55.02273-1.693295419707569842NZ197698Yes
NE13 8WX55.00777-1.632337423613568196NZ236681No
NE13 8WY55.00777-1.632337423613568196NZ236681No
NE13 8WZ55.00777-1.632337423613568196NZ236681No
NE13 8YY55.022748-1.693295419707569844NZ197698No
NE13 8YZ55.022357-1.694971419600569800NZ196697No
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