NE69 postcodes Northumberland

This is a list of postcodes in the NE69 area covering the areas of Bamburgh, Northumberland. The area contains approximately 224 households with a population of about 417 (2011 census)

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NE69 7 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NE69 7AA55.607959-1.718272417847634964NU178349No
NE69 7AB55.607804-1.7174417902634947NU179349Yes
NE69 7AD55.600388-1.745178416155634115NU161341Yes
NE69 7AE55.606701-1.722091417607634823NU176348Yes
NE69 7AF55.605607-1.726971417300634700NU173347No
NE69 7AG55.600799-1.730877417056634164NU170341Yes
NE69 7AH55.613577-1.748237415957635582NU159355Yes
NE69 7AJ55.608538-1.75365415618635020NU156350Yes
NE69 7AL55.610215-1.756576415433635206NU154352Yes
NE69 7AN55.606354-1.719855417748634785NU177347Yes
NE69 7AP55.593867-1.724689417449633394NU174333Yes
NE69 7AQ55.612779-1.744432416197635494NU161354Yes
NE69 7AR55.58882-1.718108417866632834NU178328Yes
NE69 7AS55.587389-1.691864419521632682NU195326Yes
NE69 7AT55.5939-1.697637419154633405NU191334Yes
NE69 7AU55.599268-1.691134419561634004NU195340Yes
NE69 7AW55.594202-1.73408416857633429NU168334Yes
NE69 7AX55.605038-1.70277418825634643NU188346Yes
NE69 7AY55.603099-1.699547419029634428NU190344Yes
NE69 7AZ55.602185-1.700888418945634326NU189343Yes
NE69 7BA55.604016-1.699794419013634530NU190345Yes
NE69 7BB55.606973-1.715565418018634855NU180348Yes
NE69 7BG55.605794-1.719162417792634723NU177347Yes
NE69 7BJ55.60782-1.713418418153634950NU181349Yes
NE69 7BL55.607626-1.714037418114634928NU181349Yes
NE69 7BN55.607744-1.715498418022634941NU180349Yes
NE69 7BP55.606563-1.716901417934634809NU179348Yes
NE69 7BQ55.60601-1.718683417822634747NU178347Yes
NE69 7BS55.605936-1.717557417893634739NU178347Yes
NE69 7BT55.605889-1.7167417947634734NU179347Yes
NE69 7BU55.606256-1.715983417992634775NU179347Yes
NE69 7BW55.607055-1.715803418003634864NU180348Yes
NE69 7BX55.605724-1.715257418038634716NU180347Yes
NE69 7BY55.606191-1.715253418038634768NU180347Yes
NE69 7BZ55.606515-1.715426418027634804NU180348No
NE69 7DA55.608277-1.715842418000635000NU179350No
NE69 7DB55.608806-1.715139418044635059NU180350Yes
NE69 7DD55.611057-1.717488417895635309NU178353Yes
NE69 7DE55.616122-1.728105417224635870NU172358Yes
NE69 7DF55.609047-1.710629418328635087NU183350Yes
NE69 7DG55.607016-1.714501418085634860NU180348Yes
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