NN11 7 postcodes Daventry

This is a list of postcodes in the NN11 7 area covering the areas of Braunston, Daventry, Greens Norton, Hinton, Moreton Pinkney, Welton. The area contains approximately 773 households with a population of about 1,751 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NN11 7AB52.291823-1.206432454222266262SP542662No
NN11 7AD52.292047-1.202294454504266290SP545662Yes
NN11 7AE52.293933-1.197964454797266503SP547665Yes
NN11 7AF52.302569-1.201415454551267461SP545674Yes
NN11 7AH52.309468-1.210004453957268222SP539682Yes
NN11 7AL52.287088-1.210842453927265732SP539657Yes
NN11 7AN52.287362-1.210104453977265763SP539657Yes
NN11 7HA52.303548-1.189372455371267579SP553675Yes
NN11 7HB52.289788-1.219679453321266026SP533660Yes
NN11 7HD52.290761-1.206217454238266144SP542661Yes
NN11 7HE52.293409-1.201609454549266442SP545664Yes
NN11 7HF52.293233-1.206158454239266419SP542664Yes
NN11 7HG52.292497-1.207637454139266336SP541663Yes
NN11 7HH52.290306-1.208087454111266092SP541660Yes
NN11 7HJ52.289324-1.199718454683265989SP546659Yes
NN11 7HL52.291229-1.200901454600266200SP545662No
NN11 7HN52.292433-1.211583453870266326SP538663Yes
NN11 7HP52.292395-1.212624453799266321SP537663Yes
NN11 7HQ52.291973-1.211385453884266275SP538662Yes
NN11 7HR52.291643-1.20774454133266241SP541662Yes
NN11 7HS52.290683-1.211995453844266131SP538661Yes
NN11 7HT52.287692-1.209761454000265800SP539658No
NN11 7HU52.285237-1.208265454105265528SP541655Yes
NN11 7HW52.292473-1.204295454367266336SP543663Yes
NN11 7HX52.289633-1.219036453365266009SP533660No
NN11 7HY52.292142-1.213802453719266292SP537662Yes
NN11 7HZ52.290396-1.209507454014266101SP540661Yes
NN11 7JA52.293538-1.199481454694266458SP546664Yes
NN11 7JB52.28544-1.209332454032265550SP540655Yes
NN11 7JD52.29278-1.201694454544266372SP545663Yes
NN11 7JE52.292881-1.199332454705266385SP547663Yes
NN11 7JF52.293323-1.198268454777266435SP547664Yes
NN11 7JG52.286691-1.183155455816265709SP558657Yes
NN11 7JH52.286998-1.210843453927265722SP539657Yes
NN11 7JJ52.292295-1.200442454630266319SP546663Yes
NN11 7JL52.292011-1.202206454510266286SP545662No
NN11 7JN52.291736-1.202798454470266255SP544662Yes
NN11 7JP52.293322-1.207373454156266428SP541664Yes
NN11 7JQ52.287265-1.212041453845265751SP538657Yes
NN11 7JR52.293277-1.208738454063266422SP540664Yes
NN11 7JS52.29319-1.209194454032266412SP540664Yes
NN11 7JT52.292904-1.209463454014266380SP540663Yes
NN11 7JU52.293138-1.21072453928266405SP539664Yes
NN11 7JW52.293361-1.211786453855266429SP538664Yes
NN11 7JX52.292462-1.210497453944266330SP539663Yes
NN11 7JY52.291625-1.207755454132266239SP541662No
NN11 7JZ52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7LA52.292196-1.211147453900266300SP538662No
NN11 7LB52.293106-1.196864454873266412SP548664Yes
NN11 7LD52.293223-1.179634456048266438SP560664Yes
NN11 7WA52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7WB52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7WD52.258165-1.156472457673262557SP576625No
NN11 7WR52.291625-1.207755454132266239SP541662No
NN11 7WS52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7WT52.291625-1.207755454132266239SP541662No
NN11 7WU52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7WY52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7WZ52.292625-1.197371454839266358SP548663No
NN11 7XA52.292196-1.211147453900266300SP538662No
NN11 7YQ52.258165-1.156472457673262557SP576625No
NN11 7YY52.258165-1.156472457673262557SP576625No
NN11 7YZ52.258165-1.156472457673262557SP576625No
NN11 7ZG52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7ZQ52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7ZS52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7ZT52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7ZU52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7ZW52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7ZX52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
NN11 7ZZ52.258149-1.156488457672262555SP576625No
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