NN4 4 postcodes Northampton

This is a list of postcodes in the NN4 4 area covering the areas of Brackmills, East Hunsbury, West Hunsbury, Great Houghton, Hardingstone, Wootton, Grange Park, Northampton.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NN4 4AA52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4AB52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4AD52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4AE00No
NN4 4AF00No
NN4 4AG52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4AH52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4AJ00No
NN4 4AL52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4AN52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4AP00No
NN4 4AQ52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4AR00No
NN4 4AS00No
NN4 4AT52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4AU52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4AW00No
NN4 4AX52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4AY00No
NN4 4AZ52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4BA52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4BB52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4BD52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4BE52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4BF00No
NN4 4BG00No
NN4 4BH00No
NN4 4BJ00No
NN4 4BL00No
NN4 4BN00No
NN4 4BP52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4BQ52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4BR00No
NN4 4BS52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4BT52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4BU00No
NN4 4BW00No
NN4 4BX00No
NN4 4BY00No
NN4 4BZ52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4DA00No
NN4 4DB52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4DD52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4DE00No
NN4 4DF52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4DG52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4DH00No
NN4 4DJ00No
NN4 4DL00No
NN4 4DN52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4DP00No
NN4 4DQ52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4DR00No
NN4 4DS00No
NN4 4DT52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4DU52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4DW52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4DX52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4DY52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4DZ52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4EA52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EB52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4ED52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EE52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4EF52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4EG52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EH52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4EJ52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EL52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EN52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613No
NN4 4EP52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4EQ52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4ER52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4ES52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4ET52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EU52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EW52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4EX52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4EY52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4EZ52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4FA52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FE52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4FF52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FG52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FH52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FJ52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FL52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4FN52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4FQ52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4FR52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4FS52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FT52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FU52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4FW52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4FX52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4FY52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4FZ52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4GA52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4GB52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
NN4 4GD52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4GE52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613No
NN4 4GF52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4GG52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4GH52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4GJ52.245285-0.898231475321261361SP753613Yes
NN4 4TU52.232933-0.912696474354259972SP743599No
NN4 4TW00No
NN4 4TX52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613No
NN4 4TY00No
NN4 4YP52.24527-0.898245475320261359SP753613Yes
  • Page 1 of 1 (110 postcodes, 25 active)

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