NR22 6 postcodes Norfolk

This is a list of postcodes in the NR22 6 area covering the areas of Walsingham, Norfolk. The area contains approximately 432 households with a population of about 906 (2011 census)

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NR22 6 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NR22 6AA52.8933910.873541593400336749TF933367Yes
NR22 6AB52.8982290.886873594275337323TF942373Yes
NR22 6AD52.8910650.861909592628336459TF926364Yes
NR22 6AE52.886050.869592593167335922TF931359Yes
NR22 6AF52.8783670.842864591403334996TF914349No
NR22 6AG52.8776080.870951593296334987TF932349Yes
NR22 6AH52.8791870.854319592170335118TF921351Yes
NR22 6AJ52.8914040.84849591724336461TF917364Yes
NR22 6AL52.8811710.853364592097335336TF920353Yes
NR22 6AN52.8796870.849996591877335162TF918351Yes
NR22 6AP52.8782790.843141591422334987TF914349Yes
NR22 6AQ52.8816120.857094592346335395TF923353Yes
NR22 6AR52.8833840.832296590670335526TF906355Yes
NR22 6AS52.8855310.825211590184335746TF901357Yes
NR22 6AT52.8937310.806281588875336608TF888366Yes
NR22 6AU52.8998680.834577590751337365TF907373Yes
NR22 6AW52.8766840.841743591335334806TF913348Yes
NR22 6AX52.8993960.819198589719337272TF897372Yes
NR22 6AY52.9055050.827002590217337972TF902379Yes
NR22 6AZ52.9085670.831723590521338325TF905383Yes
NR22 6BA52.9062510.850728591809338118TF918381Yes
NR22 6BB52.9043340.864226592725337941TF927379Yes
NR22 6BD52.9107450.831301590483338566TF904385Yes
NR22 6BE52.9077170.831981590542338231TF905382No
NR22 6BF52.9077170.831981590542338231TF905382No
NR22 6BG52.8997450.889636594454337499TF944374Yes
NR22 6BH52.8932810.871378593255336731TF932367Yes
NR22 6BJ52.8950950.874055593427336940TF934369Yes
NR22 6BL52.8911240.874328593463336499TF934364Yes
NR22 6BN52.8939820.872183593306336811TF933368Yes
NR22 6BP52.8942130.874532593463336843TF934368Yes
NR22 6BQ52.8962120.874769593470337066TF934370Yes
NR22 6BS52.8959540.872804593339337032TF933370Yes
NR22 6BT52.8957920.873149593363337015TF933370Yes
NR22 6BU52.8956350.874805593475337002TF934370Yes
NR22 6BW52.894520.874418593454336877TF934368Yes
NR22 6BX52.891920.871526593271336580TF932365Yes
NR22 6BY52.8928610.873119593374336689TF933366Yes
NR22 6BZ52.8939390.873547593398336810TF933368Yes
NR22 6DA52.8951980.876129593566336957TF935369Yes
NR22 6DB52.8929360.87302593367336697TF933366Yes
NR22 6DD52.8985650.874478593440337327TF934373Yes
NR22 6DE52.9000750.875694593515337498TF935374Yes
NR22 6DF52.8951310.880779593879336962TF938369Yes
NR22 6DG52.8934620.87136593253336751TF932367Yes
NR22 6DH52.8944250.873133593368336863TF933368Yes
NR22 6DJ52.8968770.875853593540337143TF935371Yes
NR22 6DL52.8968770.875125593491337141TF934371Yes
NR22 6DN52.8986890.875676593520337344TF935373Yes
NR22 6DP52.9010520.889128594414337643TF944376Yes
NR22 6DQ52.893310.875038593501336744TF935367Yes
NR22 6DR52.9008450.890229594489337623TF944376Yes
NR22 6DS52.8950660.881592593934336957TF939369Yes
NR22 6DT52.885380.896039594949335919TF949359Yes
NR22 6DU52.8981130.876426593573337282TF935372Yes
NR22 6DW52.8990070.877764593659337385TF936373Yes
NR22 6DX52.8998620.876244593553337476TF935374Yes
NR22 6DY52.9033030.881262593875337872TF938378Yes
NR22 6DZ52.9013620.883795594054337663TF940376Yes
NR22 6EA52.8919730.882339593998336615TF939366Yes
NR22 6EB52.8937390.872553593332336785TF933367Yes
NR22 6ED52.8952720.874989593489336962TF934369Yes
NR22 6EE52.8945320.873974593424336877TF934368Yes
NR22 6EF52.8948180.876223593574336915TF935369Yes
NR22 6EG52.8930580.872389593324336709TF933367Yes
NR22 6EH52.9013580.870604593167337627TF931376Yes
NR22 6EJ52.9092310.834414590699338406TF906384Yes
NR22 6EL52.8932430.872595593337336730TF933367Yes
NR22 6EN52.8898510.804573588777336172TF887361Yes
NR22 6EQ52.8968680.873667593393337136TF933371Yes
NR22 6WZ52.8305410.850518592129329698TF921296No
NR22 6XB52.8958910.872056593289337023TF932370No
NR22 6XD52.8305410.850518592129329698TF921296No
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