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This is a list of postcodes in the PA area, Paisley. The area contains approximately 148,778 households with a population of about 321,350 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA9 1BD55.811122-4.559088239731660502NS397605Yes
PA9 1BE55.810709-4.558215239784660454NS397604Yes
PA9 1BF55.807352-4.56058239622660086NS396600Yes
PA9 1BG55.810285-4.558714239751660408NS397604Yes
PA9 1BH55.810686-4.555835239933660446NS399604Yes
PA9 1BJ55.811928-4.555789239941660584NS399605Yes
PA9 1BL55.81191-4.557911239808660587NS398605Yes
PA9 1BN55.813006-4.553385240096660699NS400606Yes
PA9 1BP55.809692-4.555865239927660336NS399603Yes
PA9 1BQ55.810245-4.557594239821660401NS398604Yes
PA9 1BS55.809111-4.557439239826660275NS398602Yes
PA9 1BT55.808384-4.556323239893660191NS398601Yes
PA9 1BU55.807817-4.557227239834660130NS398601Yes
PA9 1BW55.810368-4.555128239976660409NS399604Yes
PA9 1BX55.80812-4.55605239909660161NS399601Yes
PA9 1BY55.807259-4.558116239776660070NS397600Yes
PA9 1BZ55.808095-4.559001239724660165NS397601Yes
PA9 1DA55.800466-4.564947239320659330NS393593Yes
PA9 1DB55.797255-4.566332239220658976NS392589Yes
PA9 1DD55.784119-4.565659239208657513NS392575Yes
PA9 1DE55.770224-4.553967239884655940NS398559Yes
PA9 1DF55.778612-4.550417240141656865NS401568Yes
PA9 1DG55.796356-4.55078240191658840NS401588Yes
PA9 1DH55.800836-4.569152239058659381NS390593Yes
PA9 1DJ55.804706-4.572981238834659821NS388598Yes
PA9 1DL55.799205-4.583676238141659234NS381592Yes
PA9 1DN55.796831-4.595934237363658998NS373589Yes
PA9 1DP55.804116-4.57647238613659763NS386597No
PA9 1DQ55.811337-4.556964239865660521NS398605Yes
PA9 1DR55.807834-4.565879239292660152NS392601Yes
PA9 1DS55.808294-4.566244239271660204NS392602Yes
PA9 1DT55.809206-4.56391239421660300NS394603Yes
PA9 1DU55.808895-4.563746239430660265NS394602Yes
PA9 1DW55.814076-4.553169240114660817NS401608Yes
PA9 1DX55.813198-4.554356240036660722NS400607Yes
PA9 1DY55.813311-4.554938240000660736NS400607Yes
PA9 1DZ55.797201-4.568897239059658976NS390589Yes
PA9 1EA55.808586-4.542259240775660181NS407601Yes
PA9 1EB55.81225-4.551723240197660611NS401606Yes
PA9 1ED55.81236-4.552464240151660625NS401606Yes
PA9 1LA55.79776-4.569253239039659039NS390590No
PA9 1WA55.79776-4.569253239039659039NS390590No
PA9 1WX55.836882-4.508505243004663252NS430632No
PA9 1WZ55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA9 1YA55.809224-4.558708239747660290NS397602No
PA9 1YB55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA9 1YD55.836882-4.508505243004663252NS430632No
PA9 1YF55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA9 1YG55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA9 1YH55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA9 1YJ55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA9 1YL55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA9 1YN55.836882-4.508505243004663252NS430632No
PA9 1YP55.836801-4.508499243004663243NS430632No
PA98 1AA55.860636-4.429761248027665719NS480657No

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