PA22 postcodes Argyllshire

This is a list of postcodes in the PA22 area covering the areas of Colintraive, Glendaruel, Argyllshire. The area contains approximately 131 households with a population of about 287 (2011 census)

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PA22 3

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA22 3AA56.009403-5.214023199729684269NR997842Yes
PA22 3AB56.034248-5.213119199914687030NR999870Yes
PA22 3AD56.072635-5.14934204081691117NS040911Yes
PA22 3AE56.040638-5.188613201473687670NS014876Yes
PA22 3AF55.986973-5.203003200300681742NS003817Yes
PA22 3AG56.040558-5.189956201389687665NS013876Yes
PA22 3AH55.959403-5.185226201267678624NS012786Yes
PA22 3AJ55.991643-5.191392201048682228NS010822Yes
PA22 3AP55.923782-5.15252203127674568NS031745Yes
PA22 3AR55.929391-5.162024202562675219NS025752Yes
PA22 3AS55.917769-5.138072203999673858NS039738Yes
PA22 3AT55.910333-5.124683204798672993NS047729Yes
PA22 3AU55.902274-5.103904206056672038NS060720Yes
PA22 3AX55.921651-5.078317207751674122NS077741Yes
PA22 3WA55.95115-4.928184217268676996NS172769No
PA22 3YD55.95115-4.928184217268676996NS172769Yes
PA22 3YE55.95115-4.928184217268676996NS172769Yes
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