PA42 postcodes Argyllshire

This is a list of postcodes in the PA42 area covering the areas of Isle Of Islay, Argyllshire. The area contains approximately 505 households with a population of about 1,115 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA42 7AE55.698607-6.217615135091653080NR350530No
PA42 7AF55.633495-6.197028135945645762NR359457Yes
PA42 7AG55.631638-6.185589136652645512NR366455No
PA42 7AH55.633526-6.199289135803645774NR358457Yes
PA42 7AJ55.634229-6.195835136025645839NR360458Yes
PA42 7AL55.632924-6.207159135304645737NR353457Yes
PA42 7AN55.66176-6.250876132751649111NR327491Yes
PA42 7AP55.686097-6.254014132720651829NR327518No
PA42 7AQ55.679081-6.243908133307651010NR333510Yes
PA42 7AR55.685805-6.247121133151651770NR331517No
PA42 7AS55.686263-6.243766133365651808NR333518Yes
PA42 7AT55.642094-6.236228133538646868NR335468Yes
PA42 7AU55.599836-6.295668129509642400NR295423Yes
PA42 7AW55.641885-6.224023134304646798NR343467Yes
PA42 7AX55.620073-6.254525132237644490NR322444Yes
PA42 7AY55.629521-6.188066136482645286NR364452Yes
PA42 7AZ55.618774-6.224712134104644231NR341442Yes
PA42 7BA55.633291-6.204082135500645766NR355457Yes
PA42 7BB55.629592-6.187565136514645292NR365452No
PA42 7BD55.6296-6.186278136595645288NR365452Yes
PA42 7BE55.629761-6.184721136694645300NR366452Yes
PA42 7BF55.631707-6.188331136480645530NR364455Yes
PA42 7BG55.629259-6.183889136743645241NR367452Yes
PA42 7BH55.630257-6.182326136848645346NR368453Yes
PA42 7BJ55.629784-6.182991136803645296NR368452Yes
PA42 7BL55.630508-6.184181136733645381NR367453Yes
PA42 7BN55.630951-6.180699136955645417NR369454Yes
PA42 7BP55.628984-6.181665136881645202NR368452Yes
PA42 7BQ55.626938-6.184181136709644984NR367449Yes
PA42 7BR55.634251-6.204154135502645873NR355458Yes
PA42 7BS55.629607-6.18135136905645270NR369452No
PA42 7BT55.630054-6.18116136920645319NR369453Yes
PA42 7BU55.631248-6.185707136642645469NR366454Yes
PA42 7BW55.629519-6.182327136843645264NR368452Yes
PA42 7BX55.633806-6.192689136220645780NR362457Yes
PA42 7BY55.633032-6.191652136280645690NR362456Yes
PA42 7BZ55.635154-6.19533136063645940NR360459Yes
PA42 7DA55.63527-6.196948135962645959NR359459Yes
PA42 7DB55.6578-6.212408135142648523NR351485Yes
PA42 7DD55.689429-6.223743134644652083NR346520Yes
PA42 7DE55.722151-6.226037134722655730NR347557Yes
PA42 7DF55.630164-6.188517136458645359NR364453Yes
PA42 7DG55.631062-6.189025136432645461NR364454No
PA42 7DH55.636672-6.19729135950646116NR359461Yes
PA42 7DJ55.628745-6.188921136423645203NR364452Yes
PA42 7DL55.628613-6.189113136410645189NR364451No
PA42 7DN55.629018-6.188568136447645232NR364452No
PA42 7DP55.629181-6.189587136384645254NR363452Yes
PA42 7DQ55.63075-6.18896136434645426NR364454No
PA42 7DR55.630435-6.188179136481645388NR364453Yes
PA42 7DS55.631746-6.162169138126645435NR381454Yes
PA42 7DT55.629467-6.188076136481645280NR364452No
PA42 7DU55.629852-6.153509138658645192NR386451Yes
PA42 7DW55.627523-6.189951136350645071NR363450Yes
PA42 7DX55.636158-6.125796140443645789NR404457Yes
PA42 7DY55.636215-6.12011140801645774NR408457Yes
PA42 7DZ55.635575-6.126628140387645727NR403457Yes
PA42 7EA55.642061-6.112074141345646394NR413463Yes
PA42 7EB55.640182-6.10911141519646174NR415461Yes
PA42 7ED55.64278-6.106727141686646454NR416464Yes
PA42 7EE55.693872-6.04098146152651892NR461518No
PA42 7EF55.667294-6.070155144146649044NR441490Yes
PA42 7EG55.611368-6.258887131903643539NR319435Yes
PA42 7EH55.627462-6.18225136834645035NR368450Yes
PA42 7EJ55.628008-6.18048136949645089NR369450Yes
PA42 7EL55.62802-6.181976136855645096NR368450Yes
PA42 7EN55.631638-6.185589136652645512NR366455No
PA42 7EP55.632018-6.186314136609645557NR366455Yes
PA42 7EQ55.640776-6.108839141540646239NR415462No
PA42 7ER55.62864-6.182519136825645167NR368451Yes
PA42 7EX55.617294-6.146426139020643769NR390437No
PA42 9AA00Yes
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