PA43 postcodes Argyllshire

This is a list of postcodes in the PA43 area covering the areas of Isle Of Islay, Argyllshire. The area contains approximately 379 households with a population of about 848 (2011 census)

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PA43 7

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA43 7AB55.752785-6.290231130905659384NR309593Yes
PA43 7AD55.753253-6.291130860659439NR308594Yes
PA43 7AE55.752677-6.292037130791659379NR307593Yes
PA43 7HL55.756616-6.285418131233659791NR312597Yes
PA43 7HN55.756187-6.286089131188659746NR311597No
PA43 7HP55.756272-6.285476131227659753NR312597Yes
PA43 7HR55.756661-6.283605131347659789NR313597Yes
PA43 7HS55.756531-6.282937131388659772NR313597Yes
PA43 7HT55.757193-6.28202131450659842NR314598Yes
PA43 7HU55.757773-6.282419131429659908NR314599Yes
PA43 7HW55.759517-6.279867131601660092NR316600No
PA43 7HX55.758357-6.28218131448659972NR314599Yes
PA43 7HY55.757023-6.281747131466659822NR314598Yes
PA43 7HZ55.757018-6.280342131554659816NR315598Yes
PA43 7JA55.757013-6.280996131513659818NR315598Yes
PA43 7JB55.755346-6.277464131723659619NR317596Yes
PA43 7JD55.755788-6.279235131615659675NR316596Yes
PA43 7JE55.755805-6.28463131277659698NR312596Yes
PA43 7JF55.733181-6.287102130966657192NR309571Yes
PA43 7JG55.745096-6.313827129372658621NR293586Yes
PA43 7JH55.755637-6.287131131119659689NR311596Yes
PA43 7JJ55.7566-6.287921131076659799NR310597Yes
PA43 7JL55.755495-6.287113131119659673NR311596No
PA43 7JN55.756809-6.287593131098659821NR310598No
PA43 7JP55.757341-6.288592131039659884NR310598Yes
PA43 7JQ55.745629-6.265157132428658491NR324584Yes
PA43 7JR55.757548-6.288089131072659905NR310599Yes
PA43 7JS55.756224-6.290192130931659766NR309597Yes
PA43 7JT55.756138-6.290837130890659759NR308597No
PA43 7JU55.756138-6.290837130890659759NR308597No
PA43 7JW55.756003-6.287759131082659732NR310597Yes
PA43 7JX55.755479-6.288866131009659678NR310596Yes
PA43 7JY55.755729-6.290457130911659712NR309597Yes
PA43 7JZ55.755087-6.290561130900659641NR309596No
PA43 7LA55.754621-6.287926131062659579NR310595Yes
PA43 7LB55.757642-6.285613131228659906NR312599Yes
PA43 7LD55.757283-6.287948131079659875NR310598Yes
PA43 7LE55.758169-6.284201131320659959NR313599No
PA43 7LF55.757158-6.286881131145659857NR311598Yes
PA43 7LG55.759726-6.28056131559660118NR315601Yes
PA43 7LH55.759835-6.278737131674660123NR316601Yes
PA43 7LJ55.760093-6.276501131816660143NR318601No
PA43 7LL55.760807-6.273293132022660210NR320602Yes
PA43 7LN55.762601-6.26671132447660384NR324603Yes
PA43 7LP55.755317-6.288864131008659660NR310596Yes
PA43 7LQ55.753064-6.288744131000659409NR310594No
PA43 7LR55.75419-6.288677131012659534NR310595Yes
PA43 7LS55.75526-6.292287130793659667NR307596Yes
PA43 7LW55.763698-6.248835133575660437NR335604Yes
PA43 7WA55.755495-6.287113131119659673NR311596No
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