PA47 postcodes Argyllshire

This is a list of postcodes in the PA47 area covering the areas of Isle Of Islay, Argyllshire. The area contains approximately 90 households with a population of about 177 (2011 census)

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PA47 7

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA47 7SG55.68023-6.501097117159652158NR171521Yes
PA47 7SH55.680482-6.507685116747652213NR167522Yes
PA47 7SJ55.680331-6.510088116595652206NR165522Yes
PA47 7SL55.681105-6.507869116740652283NR167522Yes
PA47 7SN55.680698-6.508666116687652241NR166522Yes
PA47 7SP55.679238-6.507765116733652075NR167520Yes
PA47 7SQ55.680918-6.506096116850652255NR168522Yes
PA47 7SR55.676693-6.504572116915651779NR169517Yes
PA47 7SS55.676903-6.505458116861651806NR168518Yes
PA47 7ST55.67664-6.505746116841651778NR168517Yes
PA47 7SU55.676135-6.503842116957651714NR169517Yes
PA47 7SW55.680243-6.50562116875652178NR168521Yes
PA47 7SX55.676106-6.50417116936651712NR169517Yes
PA47 7SY55.688038-6.5094116694653060NR166530Yes
PA47 7SZ55.716347-6.473054119180656059NR191560Yes
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