PA72 postcodes Argyllshire

This is a list of postcodes in the PA72 area covering the areas of Isle Of Mull, Argyllshire. The area contains approximately 172 households with a population of about 417 (2011 census)

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PA72 6 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA72 6JB56.517275-5.943005157545743102NM575431Yes
PA72 6JD56.517311-5.945002157422743113NM574431Yes
PA72 6JE56.517274-5.946739157315743115NM573431Yes
PA72 6JF56.515492-5.947903157232742921NM572429Yes
PA72 6JG56.517385-5.949174157166743136NM571431Yes
PA72 6JH56.519803-5.943846157509743386NM575433Yes
PA72 6JJ56.521122-5.941104157686743523NM576435Yes
PA72 6JL56.520714-5.943168157557743485NM575434Yes
PA72 6JN56.515891-5.913462159352742844NM593428Yes
PA72 6JP56.533452-5.977089155554745022NM555450Yes
PA72 6JQ56.517309-5.948174157227743124NM572431Yes
PA72 6JR56.561779-6.078742149495748539NM494485Yes
PA72 6JS56.553549-5.978255155612747261NM556472Yes
PA72 6JT56.528292-5.996944154300744519NM543445No
PA72 6JU56.498849-6.000882153867741259NM538412Yes
PA72 6JW56.516088-5.91236159421742862NM594428Yes
PA72 6JX56.496062-6.028665152140741049NM521410No
PA72 6JY56.492112-6.031204151958740619NM519406Yes
PA72 6JZ56.482604-6.080771148846739742NM488397Yes
PA72 6LA56.515845-5.948672157187742963NM571429Yes
PA72 6LB56.516096-5.949268157152742993NM571429Yes
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