PA80 postcodes Renfrewshire

This is a list of postcodes in the PA80 area covering the areas of Morvern, Renfrewshire. The area contains approximately 151 households with a population of about 306 (2011 census)

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PA80 5

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA80 5LQ56.539217-5.774979168009744961NM680449Yes
PA80 5QB56.562608-5.545481182246746810NM822468Yes
PA80 5UH56.955374-7.47231767465798235NL674982No
PA80 5UJ56.953927-7.48170766882798120NL668981No
PA80 5UL56.952881-7.48133966895798002NL668980No
PA80 5UN56.96263-7.44246169342798896NL693988No
PA80 5UP56.966842-7.43439369869799325NL698993No
PA80 5UQ56.955941-7.47889167071798330NL670983No
PA80 5UR56.972808-7.42409270547799938NL705999No
PA80 5UT56.988082-7.41492871238801591NF712015No
PA80 5UU56.541196-5.777618167859745190NM678451Yes
PA80 5UW56.9648-7.43294269939799091NL699990No
PA80 5UX56.995615-7.41429471343802425NF713024No
PA80 5UY56.544614-5.777861167865745571NM678455Yes
PA80 5UZ56.560413-5.740731170242747203NM702472Yes
PA80 5XA56.978509-7.49472466312800915NF663009No
PA80 5XB56.582845-5.748212169919749723NM699497Yes
PA80 5XD56.607798-5.667425175026752230NM750522Yes
PA80 5XE56.602952-5.797286167031752125NM670521Yes
PA80 5XF56.635952-5.841445164528755946NM645559Yes
PA80 5XG56.570131-5.754185169475748329NM694483Yes
PA80 5XH56.953198-7.49887865833798123NL658981No
PA80 5XJ56.954699-7.49954565806798293NL658982No
PA80 5XL56.958224-7.50245465661798699NL656986No
PA80 5XN56.956503-7.50658265395798528NL653985No
PA80 5XP56.537524-5.778309167794744784NM677447Yes
PA80 5XQ56.953768-7.4963665991798174NL659981No
PA80 5XR56.538073-5.776818167889744840NM678448Yes
PA80 5XS56.535031-5.780762167628744515NM676445Yes
PA80 5XT56.538731-5.779146167750744921NM677449Yes
PA80 5XU56.54522-5.839279164096745848NM640458Yes
PA80 5XW56.538985-5.78114167629744956NM676449Yes
PA80 5XX57.01162-7.49086166843804575NF668045No
PA80 5XY56.609761-5.97686156060753507NM560535Yes
PA80 5XZ56.598697-5.965426156690752236NM566522Yes
PA80 5YA57.003629-7.41897471130803338NF711033No
PA80 5YB57.012028-7.42679870730804309NF707043No
PA80 5YD57.043854-7.43417670565807881NF705078No
PA80 5YE57.041647-7.43710570368807650NF703076No
PA80 5YH57.000287-7.4219570920802981NF709029No
PA80 5YL56.944706-7.5396563281797380NL632973No
PA80 5YN56.933712-7.4972765756795950NL657959No
PA80 5YP56.943195-7.53071463810797168NL638971No
PA80 5YQ56.999938-7.42417570782802953NF707029No
PA80 5YS56.785431-7.65353154899780253NL548802No
PA80 5YW56.919354-7.53696863215794550NL632945No
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