PA81 postcodes Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the PA81 area covering the areas of Isle Of South Uist, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (no longer in use).

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PA81 5 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA81 5JH57.085288-7.3015678956811852NF789118No
PA81 5JJ57.085367-7.30732378608811888NF786118No
PA81 5JL57.082311-7.30829178523811553NF785115No
PA81 5JN57.076544-7.30381378744810891NF787108No
PA81 5JP57.068586-7.29433279249809962NF792099No
PA81 5JR57.088304-7.29005879678812133NF796121No
PA81 5JS57.088661-7.27392780657812097NF806120No
PA81 5JT57.084825-7.30716378613811827NF786118No
PA81 5JU57.084783-7.30836478540811828NF785118No
PA81 5JW57.072012-7.29779579069810359NF790103No
PA81 5NS57.313627-7.26156983340837039NF833370No
PA81 5NU57.370138-7.29368181899843469NF818434No
PA81 5NX57.366218-7.27436283025842943NF830429No
PA81 5NY57.359574-7.26950983259842182NF832421No
PA81 5NZ57.341549-7.26287683502840148NF835401No
PA81 5PD57.370159-7.28935382159843451NF821434No
PA81 5PE57.385647-7.29870581732845216NF817452No
PA81 5QX57.399106-7.35144578685846960NF786469No
PA81 5QY57.389569-7.32768680027845788NF800457No
PA81 5RA57.393215-7.36990277526846393NF775463No
PA81 5RB57.397587-7.38656376565846958NF765469No
PA81 5RD57.391964-7.39573675965846377NF759463No
PA81 5RE57.387059-7.40746275218845888NF752458No
PA81 5RF57.385601-7.42291274278845800NF742457No
PA81 5RG57.38646-7.36877877534845637NF775456No
PA81 5RH57.396901-7.3311279885846619NF798466No
PA81 5RJ57.393018-7.33440579654846203NF796462No
PA81 5RL57.392095-7.34130479232846133NF792461No
PA81 5RP57.353563-7.35876677846841934NF778419No
PA81 5RQ57.392408-7.34833378813846201NF788462No
PA81 5RR57.332452-7.36991176991839641NF769396No
PA81 5RS57.323379-7.37142876820838640NF768386No
PA81 5RT57.310924-7.38232976055837308NF760373No
PA81 5RW57.352696-7.36305277581841858NF775418No
PA81 5RX57.199864-7.40423173756825072NF737250No
PA81 5RY57.211289-7.39723274279826308NF742263No
PA81 5RZ57.222531-7.41243273462827630NF734276No
PA81 5SA57.242398-7.39918474436829774NF744297No
PA81 5SB57.258426-7.40502374226831583NF742315No
PA81 5SD57.275429-7.39972974695833447NF746334No
PA81 5SF57.290562-7.39982474823835129NF748351No
PA81 5SG57.295376-7.38876275531835611NF755356No
PA81 5SH57.300805-7.37697376288836158NF762361No
PA81 5SJ57.239631-7.3613576691829286NF766292No
PA81 5SL57.225607-7.35131277173827680NF771276No
PA81 5SN57.238418-7.34761377508829086NF775290No
PA81 5SQ57.295426-7.37942776093835572NF760355No
PA81 5SS57.16512-7.3721875384821058NF753210No
PA81 5ST57.167272-7.36460875860821261NF758212No
PA81 5SU57.166603-7.36298675952821179NF759211No
PA81 5SX57.174943-7.3779575122822177NF751221No
PA81 5SY57.186777-7.39258674343823562NF743235No
PA81 5SZ57.158893-7.36923775507820352NF755203No
PA81 5TB57.151919-7.38282874625819642NF746196No
PA81 5TD57.137876-7.38732274230818103NF742181No
PA81 5TE57.129777-7.37601474842817149NF748171No
PA81 5TF57.128217-7.36268275634816912NF756169No
PA81 5TG57.165289-7.36047776092821021NF760210No
PA81 5TH57.15509-7.31243278904819660NF789196No
PA81 5TJ57.15436-7.30800579165819558NF791195No
PA81 5TL57.153803-7.3081979149819497NF791194No
PA81 5TN57.161639-7.33892977361820513NF773205No
PA81 5TR57.108943-7.37477574734814828NF747148No
PA81 5TS57.103467-7.33599577031814035NF770140No
PA81 5TT57.107852-7.36538875292814662NF752146No
PA81 5TU57.114871-7.37209674948815474NF749154No
PA81 5TX57.124121-7.37360474938816509NF749165No
PA81 5TY57.125619-7.36113175705816616NF757166No
PA81 5UB57.136804-7.32597577927817692NF779176No
PA81 5UD57.137741-7.30477579216817696NF792176No
PA81 5UE57.114478-7.30182179193815097NF791150No
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