PA82 postcodes Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the PA82 area covering the areas of Isle Of North Uist, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (no longer in use).

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PA82 5 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA82 5AA57.601395-7.16337691681868567NF916685No
PA82 5AB57.600652-7.16263391719868481NF917684No
PA82 5AD57.599832-7.16223291736868388NF917683No
PA82 5AE57.605014-7.16290191740868967NF917689No
PA82 5AF57.611903-7.15462692292869695NF922696No
PA82 5AG57.607385-7.17815890850869300NF908692No
PA82 5AH57.597475-7.18237790514868218NF905682No
PA82 5AN57.596629-7.18349690440868129NF904681No
PA82 5AP57.619417-7.19538689925870716NF899707No
PA82 5AR57.622339-7.20397289438871080NF894710No
PA82 5AS57.629506-7.13602593550871567NF935715No
PA82 5AT57.646628-7.09411396192873281NF961732No
PA82 5AW57.61305-7.18721590358869971NF903699No
PA82 5AX57.65715-7.10626895556874505NF955745No
PA82 5AY57.658088-7.24655787207875249NF872752No
PA82 5AZ57.678245-7.21813389073877358NF890773No
PA82 5BA57.652397-7.34992481000875099NF810750No
PA82 5BB57.716833-7.17342392063881442NF920814No
PA82 5BD57.717542-7.17391192040881523NF920815No
PA82 5BE57.718861-7.17332692086881667NF920816No
PA82 5BG57.721684-7.1632792708881935NF927819No
PA82 5BH57.711658-7.17498691926880874NF919808No
PA82 5BJ57.712042-7.18186791520880948NF915809No
PA82 5BL57.712099-7.17563891891880926NF918809No
PA82 5BN57.635622-7.37194779540873339NF795733No
PA82 5BP57.653376-7.32550982463875093NF824750No
PA82 5BQ57.72155-7.1645892629881926NF926819No
PA82 5BS57.650109-7.3444581306874819NF813748No
PA82 5BT57.651202-7.34607281219874948NF812749No
PA82 5BU57.647206-7.35731580514874557NF805745No
PA82 5BW57.645402-7.27628985326873977NF853739No
PA82 5BX57.643949-7.36913679781874251NF797742No
PA82 5BY57.634275-7.38075879003873231NF790732No
PA82 5BZ57.657159-7.44703275258876090NF752760No
PA82 5DA57.637489-7.37524479360873562NF793735No
PA82 5DE57.61484-7.50201171601871653NF716716No
PA82 5DF57.622161-7.48889672449872403NF724724No
PA82 5DG57.627226-7.49162572332872979NF723729No
PA82 5DH57.64858-7.48529272902875321NF729753No
PA82 5DL57.608823-7.51692870657871057NF706710No
PA82 5DN57.605886-7.51824370552870737NF705707No
PA82 5DQ57.632438-7.48892472540873545NF725735No
PA82 5DS57.586923-7.44375674825868270NF748682No
PA82 5DT57.586509-7.43375775418868176NF754681No
PA82 5DU57.579632-7.41538876453867324NF764673No
PA82 5DW57.601656-7.48856372284870123NF722701No
PA82 5DX57.584131-7.4425574872867954NF748679No
PA82 5DY57.577937-7.43197375448867215NF754672No
PA82 5DZ57.57953-7.44655274592867462NF745674No
PA82 5EB57.578615-7.46229873644867436NF736674No
PA82 5ED57.585138-7.46128473763868156NF737681No
PA82 5EF57.587941-7.47549772940868536NF729685No
PA82 5EH57.521013-7.31566681894860338NF818603No
PA82 5EJ57.525918-7.31542881951860882NF819608No
PA82 5EL57.524353-7.31434682002860703NF820607No
PA82 5EN57.535573-7.32056881728861979NF817619No
PA82 5EP57.565324-7.38450378170865587NF781655No
PA82 5ES57.556528-7.35736879713864481NF797644No
PA82 5ET57.548598-7.35507979780863589NF797635No
PA82 5EU57.55127-7.26956584912863485NF849634No
PA82 5EW57.574832-7.40267977169866730NF771667No
PA82 5EX57.551657-7.21506988171863276NF881632No
PA82 5HA57.565826-7.29133383738865204NF837652No
PA82 5HD57.552444-7.33465281034863920NF810639No
PA82 5HE57.54203-7.33936980661862785NF806627No
PA82 5HF57.551632-7.33130381227863814NF812638No
PA82 5HG57.53854-7.36303879216862509NF792625No
PA82 5HL57.512881-7.3145381891859429NF818594No
PA82 5HN57.516075-7.28333983784859638NF837596No
PA82 5HP57.512934-7.31348481954859430NF819594No
PA82 5HQ57.543279-7.3711578773863074NF787630No
PA82 5HR57.52304-7.31326882055860552NF820605No
PA82 5HT57.496291-7.2677784544857367NF845573No
PA82 5HU57.502343-7.24826785763857949NF857579No
PA82 5HW57.518179-7.26984784609859809NF846598No
PA82 5HX57.487963-7.22146887243856227NF872562No
PA82 5HY57.484273-7.21323887704855779NF877557No
PA82 5JA57.486655-7.2446985842856189NF858561No
PA82 5JB57.489375-7.25649485159856546NF851565No
PA82 5JD57.485181-7.19019489091855774NF890557No
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