PA85 postcodes Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the PA85 area covering the areas of Isle of Lewis, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (no longer in use).

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PA85 3 

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PA85 3AA57.992444-6.754001119168910249NB191102No
PA85 3AB57.995788-6.757647118979910636NB189106No
PA85 3AD58.006612-6.753511119308911822NB193118No
PA85 3AG57.955922-6.730441120274906091NB202060No
PA85 3AH57.908391-6.834147113767901242NB137012No
PA85 3AJ57.922877-6.85008112940902920NB129029No
PA85 3AL57.934262-6.848778113108904180NB131041No
PA85 3AN57.943507-6.908495109652905463NB096054No
PA85 3AQ57.951786-6.743617119463905686NB194056No
PA85 3AR57.952233-6.949017107328906608NB073066No
PA85 3AS57.965708-6.998856104494908323NB044083No
PA85 3AT57.971702-7.057805101062909249NB010092No
PA85 3AW57.946085-6.909288109626905753NB096057No
PA85 3AX58.017977-7.000296104840914139NB048141No
PA85 3AY57.993173-7.10357198540911839NA985118No
PA85 3AZ58.011065-7.10612498540913839NA985138No
PA85 3BD57.918649-6.681629122871901746NB228017No
PA85 3BG57.901724-6.813834114916900415NB149004No
PA85 3BH57.900802-6.811599115041900303NB150003No
PA85 3BJ57.902722-6.815759114810900534NB148005No
PA85 3BL57.899082-6.78812116417900013NB164000No
PA85 3BP57.88874-6.733216119586898634NG195986No
PA85 3BQ57.899923-6.81388114899900215NB148002No
PA85 3BS57.884291-6.701235121445898007NG214980No
PA85 3BW57.899235-6.772393117349899964NG173999No
PA85 3DA57.898859-6.790928116249900000NG162999No
PA85 3DB57.898271-6.796476115916899958NG159999No
PA85 3DD57.899439-6.796531115922900088NB159000No
PA85 3DE57.899483-6.794898116019900086NB160000No
PA85 3DF57.897468-6.797737115835899874NG158998No
PA85 3DG57.897775-6.798657115783899912NG157999No
PA85 3DH57.89926-6.798416115809900076NB158000No
PA85 3DJ57.898268-6.802744115545899984NG155999No
PA85 3DL57.89974-6.802823115552900148NB155001No
PA85 3DN57.894436-6.802739115515899558NG155995No
PA85 3DP57.890626-6.794324115983899099NG159990No
PA85 3DR57.879853-6.813911114738897984NG147979No
PA85 3DX57.852208-6.766831117309894713NG173947No
PA85 3DY57.864933-6.794343115779896243NG157962No
PA85 3DZ57.869733-6.809147114940896839NG149968No
PA85 3EB57.842203-6.755402117908893553NG179935No
PA85 3ED57.830258-6.764955117248892265NG172922No
PA85 3EF57.834619-6.798571115289892891NG152928No
PA85 3EH57.826583-6.835777113019892155NG130921No
PA85 3EJ57.816623-6.82591113525891006NG135910No
PA85 3EL57.831949-6.857258111788892843NG117928No
PA85 3EN57.817428-6.825546113553891094NG135910No
PA85 3EP57.815043-6.804308114794890739NG147907No
PA85 3ER57.820925-6.794134115444891350NG154913No
PA85 3EX57.806029-6.864584111146889993NG111899No
PA85 3EY57.80257-6.865634111056889613NG110896No
PA85 3EZ57.798398-6.875872110415889193NG104891No
PA85 3HA57.794341-6.885415109816888783NG098887No
PA85 3HB57.814389-6.858195111592890895NG115908No
PA85 3HG57.889612-6.806367115262899037NG152990No
PA85 3HJ57.864709-6.822991114080896339NG140963No
PA85 3HL57.885726-6.94798106847899211NG068992No
PA85 3HN57.774966-7.025606101335887240NG013872No
PA85 3HP57.869032-6.938879107250897316NG072973No
PA85 3HQ57.885007-6.812018114891898549NG148985No
PA85 3HR57.861378-6.978592104835896638NG048966No
PA85 3HS57.883839-7.010181103149899273NG031992No
PA85 3HT57.84272-7.001369103332894664NG033946No
PA85 3HX57.829679-7.035971101173893367NG011933No
PA85 3JA57.797283-7.06652999091889902NF990899No
PA85 3JD57.777061-6.921554107531887018NG075870No
PA85 3JE57.760276-6.937429106452885221NG064852No
PA85 3JF57.767292-6.911132108071885887NG080858No
PA85 3JG57.777061-6.921554107531887018NG075870No
PA85 3JH57.777584-6.915984107866887052NG078870No
PA85 3JN57.8456-6.8261113744894228NG137942No
PA85 3JQ57.781902-6.903705108630887479NG086874No
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