PE5 postcodes Peterborough

This is a list of postcodes in the PE5 area covering the areas of Ailsworth, Castor, Sutton, Peterborough. The area contains approximately 618 households with a population of about 1,453 (2011 census)

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PE5 7 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
PE5 7AA52.57539-0.351531511808298784TL118987Yes
PE5 7AB52.575161-0.349916511918298761TL119987Yes
PE5 7AD52.576016-0.350002511910298856TL119988Yes
PE5 7AE52.577232-0.351402511812298989TL118989Yes
PE5 7AF52.577435-0.352472511739299010TL117990Yes
PE5 7AG52.577973-0.353028511700299069TL116990Yes
PE5 7AH52.575345-0.353436511679298776TL116987Yes
PE5 7AJ52.57505-0.352252511760298745TL117987Yes
PE5 7AL52.573486-0.348414512024298577TL120985Yes
PE5 7AN52.574808-0.349132511972298723TL119987Yes
PE5 7AP52.572695-0.346496512156298492TL121984Yes
PE5 7AQ52.576774-0.348911511982298942TL119989Yes
PE5 7AR52.57364-0.345295512235298599TL122985Yes
PE5 7AS52.574641-0.346157512174298709TL121987Yes
PE5 7AT52.574369-0.344721512272298681TL122986Yes
PE5 7AU52.573497-0.34409512317298585TL123985Yes
PE5 7AW52.576033-0.347994512046298861TL120988Yes
PE5 7AX52.571415-0.341808512477298357TL124983Yes
PE5 7AY52.572317-0.341316512508298458TL125984Yes
PE5 7AZ52.574057-0.341073512520298652TL125986Yes
PE5 7BA52.574567-0.342191512443298707TL124987Yes
PE5 7BB52.573594-0.340089512588298602TL125986Yes
PE5 7BD52.570016-0.340754512552298203TL125982Yes
PE5 7BE52.574657-0.34536512228298712TL122987Yes
PE5 7BF52.574367-0.35362511669298667TL116986Yes
PE5 7BG52.57386-0.342424512429298628TL124986Yes
PE5 7BH52.570952-0.339523512633298309TL126983Yes
PE5 7BJ52.570703-0.338485512704298283TL127982Yes
PE5 7BL52.572634-0.336995512800298500TL128984No
PE5 7BN52.613488-0.286572516109303124TF161031No
PE5 7BP52.613488-0.286572516109303124TF161031No
PE5 7BQ52.57471-0.339558512621298727TL126987Yes
PE5 7BS52.568407-0.335636512903298032TL129980Yes
PE5 7BT52.557673-0.337621512796296835TL127968Yes
PE5 7BU52.569657-0.331176513202298178TL132981Yes
PE5 7BW52.573847-0.345995512187298621TL121986Yes
PE5 7BX52.574273-0.34688512126298667TL121986Yes
PE5 7BY52.57373-0.347225512104298606TL121986Yes
PE5 7BZ52.573999-0.347864512060298635TL120986Yes
PE5 7DA52.573615-0.342861512400298600TL124985No
PE5 7DB52.573799-0.350233511900298609TL118986Yes
PE5 7DD52.613376-0.286179516136303112TF161031Yes
PE5 7DE52.573615-0.342861512400298600TL124985No
PE5 7DF52.569994-0.338556512701298204TL127982Yes
PE5 7DG52.57465-0.349404511954298705TL119987No
PE5 7DH52.572048-0.34391512333298424TL123984Yes
PE5 7DJ52.575054-0.344858512261298757TL122987Yes
PE5 7DL52.57963-0.352582511726299254TL117992Yes
PE5 7DQ52.613488-0.286572516109303124TF161031No
PE5 7EA52.575755-0.353214511693298822TL116988Yes
PE5 7EB52.575755-0.353229511692298822TL116988No
PE5 7ED52.575755-0.353229511692298822TL116988No
PE5 7EE52.57465-0.349404511954298705TL119987No
PE5 7EF52.613488-0.286572516109303124TF161031No
PE5 7SD52.57465-0.349404511954298705TL119987No
PE5 7WB52.613488-0.286572516109303124TF161031No
PE5 7XA52.578176-0.383395509642299045TL096990Yes
PE5 7XB52.57659-0.383097509666298869TL096988Yes
PE5 7XD52.575886-0.384924509544298788TL095987Yes
PE5 7XE52.574913-0.382155509734298684TL097986Yes
PE5 7XF52.574265-0.380071509877298615TL098986Yes
PE5 7XG52.575423-0.380587509839298743TL098987Yes
PE5 7XH52.584405-0.393216508961299723TL089997Yes
PE5 7XP52.583572-0.393366508953299630TL089996Yes
PE5 7XQ52.575165-0.384109509601298709TL096987Yes
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