PH25 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the PH25 area covering the areas of Nethy Bridge, Highland. The area contains approximately 388 households with a population of about 905 (2011 census)

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PH25 3 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
PH25 3AB57.264514-3.640034301181820508NJ011205Yes
PH25 3DA57.264885-3.658324300079820576NJ000205Yes
PH25 3DB57.263909-3.664199299722820476NH997204Yes
PH25 3DD57.266609-3.666494299591820780NH995207Yes
PH25 3DE57.262655-3.665221299657820338NH996203Yes
PH25 3DF57.263773-3.671672299271820472NH992204Yes
PH25 3DG57.263223-3.649013300636820377NJ006203Yes
PH25 3DH57.262624-3.657642300114820323NJ001203Yes
PH25 3DJ57.260568-3.640837301122820070NJ011200Yes
PH25 3DL57.256396-3.637651301303819601NJ013196Yes
PH25 3DN57.266062-3.657846300111820706NJ001207Yes
PH25 3DP57.265831-3.656045300219820678NJ002206Yes
PH25 3DQ57.26337-3.65149300487820397NJ004203Yes
PH25 3DR57.265081-3.647106300756820581NJ007205Yes
PH25 3DS57.26423-3.641133301114820478NJ011204Yes
PH25 3DT57.263831-3.638246301287820429NJ012204Yes
PH25 3DU57.26299-3.638391301276820336NJ012203Yes
PH25 3DW57.264977-3.656106300213820583NJ002205Yes
PH25 3DX57.262419-3.638067301294820272NJ012202Yes
PH25 3DY57.247525-3.614601302670818580NJ026185Yes
PH25 3DZ57.263999-3.639547301209820450NJ012204Yes
PH25 3EA57.273345-3.661242299926821522NH999215Yes
PH25 3EB57.268165-3.654856300297820936NJ002209Yes
PH25 3ED57.268626-3.628078301913820948NJ019209Yes
PH25 3EE57.239159-3.556041306182817567NJ061175Yes
PH25 3EF57.227578-3.681099298603816457NH986164Yes
PH25 3EG57.265781-3.640671301146820650NJ011206Yes
PH25 3EH57.268017-3.656558300194820922NJ001209Yes
PH25 3EJ57.260772-3.636253301399820086NJ013200Yes
PH25 3EL57.259935-3.637062301348819994NJ013199Yes
PH25 3EN57.266122-3.65236300442820705NJ004207Yes
PH25 3EP57.264789-3.660094299972820568NH999205Yes
PH25 3EQ57.264759-3.654222300326820556NJ003205Yes
PH25 3HA57.244437-3.690633298074818348NH980183Yes
PH25 3RA57.264178-3.638925301247820469NJ012204Yes
PH25 3YA57.330707-3.60898303228827831NJ032278No
PH25 3YB57.330707-3.60898303228827831NJ032278No
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