PH4 postcodes Perth and Kinross

This is a list of postcodes in the PH4 area covering the areas of Blackford, Perth and Kinross. The area contains approximately 356 households with a population of about 820 (2011 census)

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PH4 1 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
PH4 1AA56.260826-3.78468289546709023NN895090Yes
PH4 1AB56.261734-3.784625289552709124NN895091Yes
PH4 1AD56.257064-3.825687286995708671NN869086Yes
PH4 1PR56.257168-3.785871289462708618NN894086No
PH4 1PS56.259911-3.787565289365708926NN893089Yes
PH4 1PT56.258775-3.78727289380708799NN893087Yes
PH4 1PU56.258954-3.788554289301708821NN893088Yes
PH4 1PW56.259523-3.788968289277708885NN892088Yes
PH4 1PX56.262369-3.78353289622709193NN896091Yes
PH4 1PY56.261177-3.780273289820709055NN898090Yes
PH4 1PZ56.262081-3.776655290047709150NN900091Yes
PH4 1QA56.26061-3.779009289897708990NN898089Yes
PH4 1QB56.261894-3.782243289700709138NN897091Yes
PH4 1QD56.261074-3.782356289691709047NN896090Yes
PH4 1QE56.261338-3.78148289746709075NN897090Yes
PH4 1QF56.25979-3.78291289653708905NN896089Yes
PH4 1QG56.259157-3.78259289671708834NN896088Yes
PH4 1QH56.261325-3.778622289923709069NN899090Yes
PH4 1QJ56.247497-3.784162289540707539NN895075No
PH4 1QL56.259126-3.78719289386708838NN893088No
PH4 1QN56.258275-3.786359289435708742NN894087Yes
PH4 1QP56.257999-3.78746289366708713NN893087Yes
PH4 1QQ56.259385-3.782294289690708859NN896088No
PH4 1QR56.256331-3.790336289183708532NN891085Yes
PH4 1QS56.258589-3.801275288512708801NN885088No
PH4 1QT56.238548-3.82599286922706611NN869066Yes
PH4 1QU56.254431-3.814639287672708360NN876083Yes
PH4 1QW56.25827-3.786762289410708742NN894087Yes
PH4 1QX56.262943-3.778584289930709249NN899092No
PH4 1QY56.257775-3.778758289904708674NN899086Yes
PH4 1QZ56.252147-3.756857291245708013NN912080Yes
PH4 1RA56.26951-3.752889291540709939NN915099No
PH4 1RB56.262261-3.74963291721709127NN917091Yes
PH4 1RD56.269084-3.753774291484709893NN914098Yes
PH4 1RE56.266206-3.768466290566709596NN905095Yes
PH4 1RF56.27-3.780268289846710037NN898100Yes
PH4 1RG56.27565-3.818729287481710728NN874107Yes
PH4 1RQ56.279781-3.78755289423711137NN894111Yes
PH4 1RT56.262908-3.775385290128709240NN901092No
PH4 1WW56.296354-3.707044294453712855NN944128No
PH4 1WX56.296354-3.707044294453712855NN944128No
PH4 1YA56.296354-3.707044294453712855NN944128No
PH4 1YB56.260062-3.784618289548708938NN895089No
PH4 1YD56.260499-3.783605289612708985NN896089No
PH4 1YZ56.279781-3.78755289423711137NN894111Yes
  • Page 1 of 1 (45 postcodes, 32 active)

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