PH41 postcodes Highland

This is a list of postcodes in the PH41 area covering the areas of Knoydart, Highland. The area contains approximately 433 households with a population of about 991 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
PH41 2RP56.833918-6.229068142135779358NM421793Yes
PH41 4PH57.001662-5.529972185719795597NM857955Yes
PH41 4PL57.040516-5.697775175768800458NG757004Yes
PH41 4PP56.970086-5.633252179263792414NM792924Yes
PH41 4PS57.145785-6.212499145287813974NG452139Yes
PH41 4PU57.005302-5.829361167570796982NM675969Yes
PH41 4PX57.006113-5.830202167524797075NM675970Yes
PH41 4PY57.005926-5.828947167599797050NM675970Yes
PH41 4PZ57.005608-5.829079167589797015NM675970Yes
PH41 4QA57.005944-5.829559167562797054NM675970Yes
PH41 4QB57.006201-5.828928167602797080NM676970Yes
PH41 4QD57.006223-5.828945167601797083NM676970Yes
PH41 4QE57.006615-5.829661167560797129NM675971No
PH41 4QF57.004221-5.824735167844796846NM678968Yes
PH41 4QG57.00591-5.821843168030797024NM680970Yes
PH41 4QH57.007806-5.820984168094797232NM680972Yes
PH41 4QJ57.008888-5.820007168160797349NM681973Yes
PH41 4QL57.009669-5.820334168145797437NM681974Yes
PH41 4QN57.01137-5.811444168695797596NM686975Yes
PH41 4QP57.007909-5.819249168200797238NM681972Yes
PH41 4QQ57.010555-5.819898168177797534NM681975Yes
PH41 4QR57.0092-5.818028168282797377NM682973Yes
PH41 4QS57.004813-5.828586167614796925NM676969Yes
PH41 4QT57.005162-5.828671167611796964NM676969Yes
PH41 4QU57.004195-5.828506167615796856NM676968Yes
PH41 4QW57.007956-5.819631168177797244NM681972Yes
PH41 4QX57.003097-5.828854167587796735NM675967Yes
PH41 4QY57.004901-5.829847167538796939NM675969Yes
PH41 4QZ57.004261-5.829303167567796866NM675968Yes
PH41 4RA57.004397-5.830718167482796886NM674968Yes
PH41 4RB57.003689-5.831551167427796810NM674968Yes
PH41 4RD57.00315-5.831102167451796749NM674967Yes
PH41 4RE57.003067-5.8304167493796737NM674967Yes
PH41 4RF57.002396-5.830907167458796664NM674966Yes
PH41 4RG56.999658-5.830034167494796357NM674963Yes
PH41 4RH56.994115-5.82826167567795734NM675957Yes
PH41 4RJ57.008748-5.818114168274797327NM682973Yes
PH41 4RL56.996461-5.830033167474796001NM674960Yes
PH41 4RN57.003976-5.830971167464796840NM674968Yes
PH41 4RP57.007873-5.818222168262797230NM682972Yes
PH41 4RQ56.996995-5.828754167555796056NM675960Yes
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