PL29 postcodes Cornwall

This is a list of postcodes in the PL29 area covering the areas of Port Isaac, Port Gaverne, Port Quin, St Endellion, Trelights, Cornwall. The area contains approximately 491 households with a population of about 1,060 (2011 census)

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PL29 3 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
PL29 3AB50.594433-4.8293519984681011SW998810Yes
PL29 3AD50.577091-4.83788619916879106SW991791Yes
PL29 3AE50.589296-4.82205920034080420SX003804Yes
PL29 3RA50.593075-4.8319419965780867SW996808Yes
PL29 3RB50.592194-4.83153419968280768SW996807Yes
PL29 3RD50.592937-4.83167719967580851SW996808Yes
PL29 3RE50.594066-4.83222519964180978SW996809Yes
PL29 3RF50.594157-4.83108619972280985SW997809Yes
PL29 3RG50.592217-4.83362419953480776SW995807Yes
PL29 3RH50.591684-4.83143219968780711SW996807Yes
PL29 3RJ50.59203-4.83126919970080749SW997807Yes
PL29 3RL50.59246-4.8309719972380796SW997807Yes
PL29 3RN50.592938-4.83017919978180847SW997808Yes
PL29 3RP50.59228-4.82653620003680764SX000807Yes
PL29 3RQ50.591421-4.83188319965480683SW996806Yes
PL29 3RR50.591581-4.82532220011980683SX001806Yes
PL29 3RS50.590251-4.82710719998780540SW999805Yes
PL29 3RT50.589935-4.82717319998180505SW999805Yes
PL29 3RU50.585922-4.81949820050780038SX005800Yes
PL29 3RW50.591497-4.826620002880677SX000806Yes
PL29 3RX50.587185-4.82778519992680201SW999802Yes
PL29 3RY50.58975-4.83254519960080499SW996804No
PL29 3RZ50.59476-4.83218219964781055SW996810Yes
PL29 3SA50.59447-4.83116119971881020SW997810Yes
PL29 3SB50.594138-4.82965819982380979SW998809Yes
PL29 3SD50.592858-4.82901619986380835SW998808Yes
PL29 3SE50.593235-4.82792219994280874SW999808Yes
PL29 3SF50.591649-4.8284219990080699SW999806No
PL29 3SG50.59369-4.82667520003280921SX000809Yes
PL29 3SH50.593725-4.82145120040280911SX004809Yes
PL29 3SJ50.59391-4.81350320096580910SX009809Yes
PL29 3SL50.590741-4.82620420005380592SX000805Yes
PL29 3SN50.591213-4.82787119993780649SW999806Yes
PL29 3SP50.589564-4.83206819963380477SW996804Yes
PL29 3SQ50.592227-4.82165820038180745SX003807Yes
PL29 3SR50.586578-4.83571819936280155SW993801Yes
PL29 3SS50.58914-4.84501419871580465SW987804Yes
PL29 3ST50.583576-4.85336519810079869SW981798Yes
PL29 3SU50.588813-4.86751719712180490SW971804Yes
PL29 3SW50.590717-4.82977719980080599SW998805No
PL29 3SX50.579933-4.79516720220479307SX022793Yes
PL29 3SY50.576697-4.81747820061179007SX006790Yes
PL29 3SZ50.580514-4.80574320145879400SX014794Yes
PL29 3TA50.575732-4.80080820178778855SX017788Yes
PL29 3TB50.589102-4.79459720228380325SX022803Yes
PL29 3TE50.579214-4.84003619902579348SW990793Yes
PL29 3TF50.580711-4.84210419888579520SW988795Yes
PL29 3TG50.577764-4.83833619913979182SW991791Yes
PL29 3TH50.578626-4.83978919904079282SW990792Yes
PL29 3TJ50.577343-4.84190119888579145SW988791Yes
PL29 3TL50.576533-4.84007219901179050SW990790Yes
PL29 3TN50.573345-4.84617819856578712SW985787Yes
PL29 3TP50.570922-4.83298319948978407SW994784Yes
PL29 3TQ50.577724-4.83955119905379181SW990791Yes
PL29 3TR50.589808-4.82459420016380484SX001804Yes
PL29 3TS50.565298-4.82158820027277751SX002777Yes
PL29 3TT50.565961-4.82945119971877846SW997778Yes
PL29 3TU50.590694-4.82887219986480594SW998805Yes
PL29 3TW50.57227-4.85292319808378611SW980786Yes
PL29 3TX50.578597-4.83879819911079276SW991792Yes
PL29 3TY50.57716-4.8364819926879110SW992791Yes
PL29 3WZ50.47008-4.71907220714366894SX071668No
PL29 3XJ50.577106-4.83647619926879104SW992791No
PL29 3YY50.589266-4.83210719962980444SW996804No
PL29 3YZ50.5788-4.83895119910079299SW991792No
PL29 3ZN50.47008-4.71907220714366894SX071668No
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