S25 1 postcodes Rotherham

This is a list of postcodes in the S25 1 area covering the areas of Anston, Dinnington, Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Rotherham. The area contains approximately 542 households with a population of about 1,173 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
S25 1AA53.386711-1.218973452044388047SK520880Yes
S25 1AB53.395524-1.230707451253389019SK512890Yes
S25 1AD53.386952-1.217345452152388075SK521880Yes
S25 1BY53.387144-1.218032452106388096SK521880No
S25 1BZ53.386468-1.219187452030388020SK520880No
S25 1WB53.385848-1.216522452208387953SK522879No
S25 1WZ53.385848-1.216522452208387953SK522879No
S25 1XA53.385848-1.216522452208387953SK522879Yes
S25 1XZ53.397286-1.235111450958389212SK509892Yes
S25 1YA53.395401-1.228333451411389007SK514890Yes
S25 1YB53.38752-1.224701451662388133SK516881Yes
S25 1YD53.385923-1.215619452268387962SK522879Yes
S25 1YE53.386522-1.216195452229388028SK522880Yes
S25 1YF53.387619-1.22058451936388147SK519881Yes
S25 1YG53.388009-1.219776451989388191SK519881Yes
S25 1YH53.384326-1.213228452429387786SK524877Yes
S25 1YJ53.385398-1.216365452219387903SK522879Yes
S25 1YL53.384905-1.216315452223387848SK522878Yes
S25 1YN53.384047-1.215999452245387753SK522877Yes
S25 1YP53.386003-1.220925451915387967SK519879Yes
S25 1YQ53.396704-1.214759452312389162SK523891Yes
S25 1YR53.396046-1.21435452340389089SK523890Yes
S25 1YS53.386653-1.221274451891388039SK518880Yes
S25 1YT53.387341-1.215217452293388120SK522881Yes
S25 1YU53.387128-1.215582452269388096SK522880Yes
S25 1YW53.386574-1.221591451870388030SK518880Yes
S25 1YX53.386192-1.216592452203387991SK522879Yes
S25 1YY53.385369-1.222906451784387895SK517878Yes
S25 1YZ53.386303-1.222859451786387999SK517879Yes
S25 1ZA53.388072-1.220963451910388197SK519881Yes
S25 1ZB53.385-1.213215452429387861SK524878Yes
S25 1ZD53.385036-1.211906452516387866SK525878Yes
S25 1ZE53.386122-1.213074452437387986SK524879Yes
S25 1ZF53.38559-1.214152452366387926SK523879Yes
S25 1ZG53.39494-1.22404451697388959SK516889Yes
S25 1ZH53.387891-1.22071451927388177SK519881Yes
S25 1ZJ53.388291-1.22171451860388221SK518882Yes
S25 1ZQ53.397604-1.21208452489389264SK524892Yes
S25 1ZX53.373406-1.244182450383386549SK503865Yes
S25 1ZY53.388395-1.211423452544388240SK525882Yes
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