S25 3 postcodes Rotherham

This is a list of postcodes in the S25 3 area covering the areas of Anston, Dinnington, Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Rotherham. The area contains approximately 833 households with a population of about 1,950 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
S25 3AB53.377802-1.228561451417387049SK514870Yes
S25 3AD53.378719-1.228694451407387151SK514871Yes
S25 3AE53.378177-1.228283451435387091SK514870Yes
S25 3AF53.370918-1.230143451320386282SK513862Yes
S25 3AL53.376697-1.231647451213386924SK512869Yes
S25 3AN53.376229-1.231535451221386872SK512868Yes
S25 3AP53.376528-1.230508451289386906SK512869Yes
S25 3BX53.457245-1.210811452500395900SK525958No
S25 3BY53.376533-1.229936451327386907SK513869No
S25 3BZ53.376506-1.229847451333386904SK513869No
S25 3LF53.376862-1.230772451271386943SK512869No
S25 3NQ53.374026-1.218979452059386636SK520866Yes
S25 3PF53.379591-1.23158451214387246SK512872Yes
S25 3PG53.376162-1.230815451269386865SK512868No
S25 3PH53.380292-1.230079451313387325SK513873Yes
S25 3PJ53.37877-1.229625451345387156SK513871Yes
S25 3PL53.379476-1.230424451291387234SK512872Yes
S25 3QA53.375341-1.234408451031386771SK510867Yes
S25 3QB53.373954-1.225609451618386623SK516866Yes
S25 3QD53.37449-1.222263451840386685SK518866Yes
S25 3QE53.372837-1.2213451906386502SK519865Yes
S25 3QF53.376044-1.229164451379386853SK513868Yes
S25 3QG53.376511-1.229245451373386905SK513869Yes
S25 3QH53.376765-1.228024451454386934SK514869Yes
S25 3QJ53.376753-1.227693451476386933SK514869Yes
S25 3QL53.377837-1.231311451234387051SK512870Yes
S25 3QN53.374921-1.230747451275386727SK512867Yes
S25 3QP53.375925-1.227542451487386841SK514868Yes
S25 3QQ53.37673-1.228369451431386930SK514869Yes
S25 3QR53.377301-1.229066451384386993SK513869Yes
S25 3QS53.373081-1.22845451430386524SK514865Yes
S25 3QT53.375277-1.220549451953386774SK519867Yes
S25 3QU53.374127-1.214904452330386650SK523866Yes
S25 3QW53.378672-1.23095451257387144SK512871Yes
S25 3QX53.375291-1.217227452174386778SK521867Yes
S25 3QY53.375183-1.218537452087386765SK520867Yes
S25 3QZ53.375448-1.226183451578386789SK515867Yes
S25 3RA53.378797-1.233669451076387156SK510871Yes
S25 3RB53.374575-1.23134451236386688SK512866Yes
S25 3RD53.374002-1.231936451197386624SK511866No
S25 3RE53.374173-1.23049451293386644SK512866Yes
S25 3RF53.373722-1.23161451219386593SK512865Yes
S25 3RG53.375172-1.23211451184386754SK511867Yes
S25 3RH53.377404-1.232566451151387002SK511870Yes
S25 3RJ53.376574-1.229229451374386912SK513869No
S25 3RL53.376912-1.231568451218386948SK512869Yes
S25 3RN53.377324-1.2312451242386994SK512869Yes
S25 3RP53.377259-1.230675451277386987SK512869Yes
S25 3RQ53.377097-1.229505451355386970SK513869Yes
S25 3RR53.376376-1.233396451097386887SK510868Yes
S25 3RS53.376711-1.233796451070386924SK510869Yes
S25 3RT53.377949-1.233428451093387062SK510870Yes
S25 3RU53.377732-1.232997451122387038SK511870Yes
S25 3RW53.379448-1.232921451125387229SK511872Yes
S25 3RX53.376518-1.234506451023386902SK510869Yes
S25 3RY53.377496-1.234263451038387011SK510870Yes
S25 3RZ53.378277-1.234054451051387098SK510870Yes
S25 3SA53.378376-1.231331451232387111SK512871Yes
S25 3SB53.380127-1.233765451068387304SK510873Yes
S25 3SE53.370908-1.234411451036386278SK510862Yes
S25 3SF53.373953-1.217417452163386629SK521866Yes
S25 3SH53.370203-1.236648450888386198SK508861Yes
S25 3SJ53.37558-1.22848451425386802SK514868Yes
S25 3SR53.380537-1.231924451190387351SK511873Yes
S25 3SS53.380327-1.232799451132387327SK511873Yes
S25 3UB53.380948-1.231525451216387397SK512873Yes
S25 3UD53.38159-1.230762451266387469SK512874Yes
S25 3UG53.373026-1.229729451345386517SK513865Yes
S25 3WX53.372878-1.230408451300386500SK513864No
S25 3WZ53.373044-1.229654451350386519SK513865No
S25 3XA53.365451-1.235591450964385670SK509856No
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