S32 2 postcodes Derbyshire Dales

This is a list of postcodes in the S32 2 area covering the areas of Calver, Eyam, Grindleford, Hathersage, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire Dales. The area contains approximately 367 households with a population of about 859 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
S32 2AA53.296382-1.634749424442377776SK244777Yes
S32 2BX53.326131-1.517356432244381132SK322811No
S32 2BY53.300027-1.452695436573378259SK365782No
S32 2BZ53.300027-1.452695436573378259SK365782No
S32 2HA53.296081-1.636252424342377742SK243777Yes
S32 2HB53.294587-1.635799424373377576SK243775Yes
S32 2HD53.294963-1.635136424417377618SK244776Yes
S32 2HE53.30071-1.627749424906378260SK249782Yes
S32 2HF53.29304-1.638288424208377403SK242774Yes
S32 2HG53.292186-1.63834424205377308SK242773Yes
S32 2HH53.296688-1.638047424222377809SK242778Yes
S32 2HJ53.295792-1.635954424362377710SK243777Yes
S32 2HL53.308918-1.649228423470379166SK234791Yes
S32 2HN53.297551-1.640815424037377904SK240779Yes
S32 2HP53.300434-1.643057423886378224SK238782Yes
S32 2HQ53.302787-1.62503425086378492SK250784Yes
S32 2HR53.29874-1.627241424941378041SK249780Yes
S32 2HS53.297588-1.638264424207377909SK242779Yes
S32 2HT53.297087-1.639064424154377853SK241778Yes
S32 2HU53.297888-1.639297424138377942SK241779Yes
S32 2HW53.288809-1.642494423930376931SK239769Yes
S32 2HX53.300124-1.624093425150378196SK251781Yes
S32 2HY53.306267-1.628076424881378878SK248788Yes
S32 2HZ53.295935-1.635818424371377726SK243777Yes
S32 2JA53.307176-1.628579424847378979SK248789Yes
S32 2JB53.294521-1.63787424235377568SK242775Yes
S32 2JD53.299717-1.626303425003378150SK250781Yes
S32 2JE53.293634-1.638808424173377469SK241774Yes
S32 2JF53.29806-1.631163424680377964SK246779Yes
S32 2JG53.297367-1.630764424707377887SK247778Yes
S32 2JH53.297161-1.636902424298377862SK242778Yes
S32 2JJ53.296258-1.635365424401377762SK244777Yes
S32 2JL53.293894-1.638325424205377498SK242774Yes
S32 2JN53.294779-1.636713424312377597SK243775Yes
S32 2JQ53.292319-1.637694424248377323SK242773Yes
S32 2JY53.297864-1.631735424642377942SK246779No
S32 2WA53.296391-1.634824424437377777SK244777No
S32 2WY53.296391-1.634824424437377777SK244777No
S32 2WZ53.28561-1.677349421608376564SK216765No
S32 2YZ53.292264-1.637604424254377317SK242773No
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