S32 5 postcodes Derbyshire Dales

This is a list of postcodes in the S32 5 area covering the areas of Calver, Eyam, Grindleford, Hathersage, Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire Dales. The area contains approximately 490 households with a population of about 1,109 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
S32 5AA53.28561-1.677304421611376564SK216765Yes
S32 5AB53.289027-1.677819421575376944SK215769Yes
S32 5BU53.300027-1.452695436573378259SK365782No
S32 5BW53.28561-1.677349421608376564SK216765No
S32 5BX53.28561-1.677349421608376564SK216765No
S32 5BY53.300027-1.452695436573378259SK365782No
S32 5BZ53.285019-1.671474422000376500SK220764No
S32 5PJ53.284876-1.66882422177376485SK221764Yes
S32 5PZ53.289508-1.715002419096376987SK190769Yes
S32 5QA53.286961-1.713684419185376704SK191767Yes
S32 5QB53.280629-1.712152419290376000SK192759Yes
S32 5QD53.298847-1.700865420034378030SK200780Yes
S32 5QE53.284562-1.668748422182376450SK221764Yes
S32 5QF53.284214-1.669965422101376411SK221764Yes
S32 5QG53.284337-1.675513421731376423SK217764Yes
S32 5QH53.283741-1.674512421798376357SK217763Yes
S32 5QJ53.284994-1.669239422149376498SK221764Yes
S32 5QL53.284576-1.681121421357376448SK213764Yes
S32 5QN53.293225-1.658599422854377417SK228774Yes
S32 5QP53.287731-1.673838421841376801SK218768Yes
S32 5QQ53.286124-1.678005421564376621SK215766Yes
S32 5QR53.287477-1.715001419097376761SK190767Yes
S32 5QS53.289924-1.690608420722377040SK207770Yes
S32 5QT53.293173-1.679107421487377405SK214774Yes
S32 5QU53.283201-1.670618422058376298SK220762Yes
S32 5QW53.286304-1.678199421551376641SK215766Yes
S32 5QX53.28497-1.680069421427376492SK214764Yes
S32 5QY53.284253-1.667805422245376416SK222764Yes
S32 5QZ53.285143-1.667543422262376515SK222765Yes
S32 5RA53.285971-1.677812421577376604SK215766Yes
S32 5RB53.284335-1.671628421990376424SK219764Yes
S32 5RD53.286281-1.683074421226376637SK212766Yes
S32 5RE53.287173-1.680756421380376737SK213767Yes
S32 5RF53.28467-1.669286422146376462SK221764Yes
S32 5RG53.28551-1.670225422083376555SK220765Yes
S32 5RH53.284682-1.673157421888376462SK218764Yes
S32 5RJ53.284993-1.682468421267376494SK212764Yes
S32 5RL53.283996-1.669037422163376387SK221763Yes
S32 5RN53.287593-1.679404421470376784SK214767Yes
S32 5RP53.283068-1.671399422006376283SK220762Yes
S32 5RW53.285341-1.677621421590376534SK215765Yes
S32 5RZ53.28561-1.677304421611376564SK216765No
S32 5WA53.28561-1.677349421608376564SK216765No
S32 5WB53.28561-1.677304421611376564SK216765No
S32 5WX53.28561-1.677349421608376564SK216765No
S32 5WY53.28561-1.677349421608376564SK216765No
S32 5WZ53.300027-1.452695436573378259SK365782No
S32 5YA53.300027-1.452695436573378259SK365782No
S32 5YB53.300027-1.452695436573378259SK365782No
  • Page 1 of 1 (49 postcodes, 36 active)

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