S35 3 postcodes Sheffield

This is a list of postcodes in the S35 3 area covering the areas of Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Grenoside, High Green, Oughtibridge, Thurgoland, Wharncliffe Side, Wortley, Sheffield. The area contains approximately 1,433 households with a population of about 3,424 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
S35 3AN53.469587-1.473988435015397112SK350971Yes
S35 3AP53.469439-1.475029434946397095SK349970Yes
S35 3BJ53.469483-1.474968434950397100SK349970No
S35 3BX53.461759-1.470168435275396243SK352962No
S35 3BY53.461759-1.470168435275396243SK352962No
S35 3BZ53.461759-1.470168435275396243SK352962No
S35 3FF53.467283-1.487889434094396849SK340968Yes
S35 3FG53.466286-1.483895434360396740SK343967Yes
S35 3FH53.466042-1.485721434239396712SK342967Yes
S35 3GD53.467215-1.482438434456396844SK344968Yes
S35 3GE53.467602-1.482523434450396887SK344968Yes
S35 3GG53.468062-1.487142434143396936SK341969Yes
S35 3GP53.469622-1.48402434349397111SK343971Yes
S35 3GR53.466491-1.489797433968396760SK339967Yes
S35 3GS53.467954-1.489328433998396923SK339969Yes
S35 3GT53.46906-1.487115434144397047SK341970Yes
S35 3GU53.469392-1.478781434697397088SK346970Yes
S35 3GW53.469214-1.479295434663397068SK346970Yes
S35 3GY53.467653-1.481935434489396893SK344968Yes
S35 3GZ53.467087-1.484096434346396829SK343968Yes
S35 3HB53.468844-1.484963434287397024SK342970Yes
S35 3HG53.473341-1.485617434240397524SK342975Yes
S35 3HP53.469088-1.483258434400397052SK344970Yes
S35 3HQ53.469264-1.488604434045397069SK340970Yes
S35 3HR53.473068-1.484852434291397494SK342974Yes
S35 3HS53.47273-1.483772434363397457SK343974Yes
S35 3HT53.470625-1.481206434535397224SK345972Yes
S35 3HU53.470239-1.481361434525397181SK345971Yes
S35 3HX53.469377-1.485771434233397083SK342970Yes
S35 3HY53.475007-1.484452434316397710SK343977Yes
S35 3HZ53.471975-1.481642434505397374SK345973Yes
S35 3JA53.468253-1.4753434929396963SK349969Yes
S35 3JF53.469149-1.480727434568397060SK345970Yes
S35 3JG53.467952-1.476222434868396929SK348969Yes
S35 3JH53.469291-1.482533434448397075SK344970Yes
S35 3JJ53.468024-1.478391434724396936SK347969Yes
S35 3JX53.467674-1.486891434160396893SK341968Yes
S35 3LL53.468171-1.483239434402396950SK344969Yes
S35 3LN53.468802-1.477402434789397023SK347970Yes
S35 3LP53.467844-1.48249434452396914SK344969Yes
S35 3LQ53.468441-1.477075434811396983SK348969Yes
S35 3PA53.466959-1.485694434240396814SK342968Yes
S35 3PB53.466209-1.488957434024396729SK340967Yes
S35 3PD53.467267-1.488387434061396847SK340968Yes
S35 3PE53.466653-1.485592434247396780SK342967Yes
S35 3PG53.466142-1.488009434087396722SK340967Yes
S35 3TG53.471556-1.478272434729397329SK347973No
S35 3UH53.469132-1.476856434825397060SK348970Yes
S35 3UJ53.468658-1.47534434926397008SK349970Yes
S35 3UQ53.469771-1.487348434128397126SK341971Yes
S35 3XS53.470546-1.47958434643397216SK346972Yes
S35 3XT53.470833-1.479351434658397248SK346972Yes
S35 3XU53.470206-1.475773434896397180SK348971Yes
S35 3XW53.471175-1.479602434641397286SK346972Yes
S35 3XX53.470717-1.477499434781397236SK347972Yes
S35 3XZ53.471944-1.478659434703397372SK347973Yes
S35 3YZ53.461759-1.470168435275396243SK352962No
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