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This is a list of postcodes in the S5 area covering the areas of Firth Park, Shirecliffe, Shiregreen, Southey Green, Parson Cross, Longley, Fir Vale, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield. The area contains approximately 24,840 households with a population of about 60,467 (2011 census)

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Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
S5 9QB53.430047-1.488864434059392706SK340927Yes
S5 9QD53.428646-1.491184433906392549SK339925Yes
S5 9QE53.428881-1.489345434028392576SK340925Yes
S5 9QF53.42857-1.486067434246392543SK342925Yes
S5 9QG53.429094-1.488635434075392600SK340925Yes
S5 9QH53.430134-1.490218433969392715SK339927Yes
S5 9QJ53.428109-1.489625434010392490SK340924Yes
S5 9QL53.429786-1.486715434202392678SK342926Yes
S5 9QN53.432102-1.48592434253392936SK342929Yes
S5 9QP53.431768-1.487684434136392898SK341928Yes
S5 9QQ53.431852-1.488391434089392907SK340929Yes
S5 9QR53.431047-1.489304434029392817SK340928Yes
S5 9QS53.433032-1.486872434189393039SK341930Yes
S5 9QT53.431239-1.488052434112392839SK341928Yes
S5 9QU53.431409-1.489796433996392857SK339928No
S5 9QW53.432362-1.487843434125392964SK341929Yes
S5 9QY53.427515-1.491619433878392423SK338924Yes
S5 9WZ53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YF53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YG53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YH53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YJ53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YL53.432273-1.4735435078392961SK350929No
S5 9YN53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YP53.432264-1.4735435078392960SK350929No
S5 9YQ53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YR53.432264-1.4735435078392960SK350929No
S5 9YS53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YT53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No
S5 9YU53.430877-1.485227434300392800SK343927No
S5 9YW53.432264-1.4735435078392960SK350929No
S5 9YX53.430877-1.485227434300392800SK343927No
S5 9YY53.423278-1.454139436372391970SK363919No

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