SA35 postcodes Pembrokeshire

This is a list of postcodes in the SA35 area covering the areas of Llanfyrnach, Pembrokeshire. The area contains approximately 326 households with a population of about 794 (2011 census)

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SA35 0 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SA35 0AA51.988064-4.505207228075235143SN280351Yes
SA35 0AB51.977096-4.502373228228233917SN282339Yes
SA35 0AD51.967448-4.495094228691232827SN286328Yes
SA35 0AE51.968389-4.509211227725232965SN277329Yes
SA35 0AG51.962414-4.518799227043232323SN270323Yes
SA35 0AH51.968464-4.544274225317233057SN253330Yes
SA35 0AJ51.96285-4.541466225488232426SN254324Yes
SA35 0AL51.977752-4.544771225319234091SN253340Yes
SA35 0AN51.981663-4.553245224752234546SN247345Yes
SA35 0AP51.99025-4.564314224026235528SN240355Yes
SA35 0AQ51.967686-4.529889226302232936SN263329Yes
SA35 0AR51.989786-4.549832225018235441SN250354Yes
SA35 0AS51.974049-4.52965226343233643SN263336Yes
SA35 0AT51.98206-4.525966226627234525SN266345Yes
SA35 0AU51.990332-4.532695226197235461SN261354Yes
SA35 0AW51.98527-4.557184224496234957SN244349Yes
SA35 0AX51.993413-4.517777227233235768SN272357Yes
SA35 0BA51.953387-4.582862222607231474SN226314Yes
SA35 0BB51.956462-4.5825222644231815SN226318Yes
SA35 0BD51.967987-4.58309222649233098SN226330Yes
SA35 0BE51.967037-4.57596223135232975SN231329Yes
SA35 0BG51.960155-4.576482223072232211SN230322Yes
SA35 0BH51.964645-4.555311224544232659SN245326Yes
SA35 0BJ51.965308-4.574152223252232778SN232327Yes
SA35 0BL51.969609-4.581306222778233274SN227332Yes
SA35 0BN51.977793-4.589072222277234203SN222342Yes
SA35 0BP51.9855-4.566067223887235004SN238350Yes
SA35 0BQ51.961681-4.554356224598232327SN245323Yes
SA35 0BS51.974384-4.577774223039233796SN230337Yes
SA35 0BT51.970817-4.565126223894233369SN238333Yes
SA35 0BY51.950951-4.573379223249231180SN232311Yes
SA35 0BZ51.951414-4.585654222407231261SN224312Yes
SA35 0DA51.945446-4.602458221229230639SN212306Yes
SA35 0DB51.953732-4.550711224817231434SN248314Yes
SA35 0DD51.946119-4.551201224754230589SN247305Yes
SA35 0DE51.935546-4.557701224266229429SN242294Yes
SA35 0DF51.935793-4.56787223568229481SN235294Yes
SA35 0DG51.932475-4.585486222344229155SN223291Yes
SA35 0DN51.989226-4.578676223036235449SN230354Yes
SA35 0DP51.99519-4.563358224111236075SN241360Yes
SA35 0DQ51.947038-4.58695222301230778SN223307Yes
SA35 0DW51.993402-4.574022223372235902SN233359Yes
SA35 0WA52.082685-4.657185218027246036SN180460Yes
SA35 0WF52.082671-4.657163218028246034SN180460No
SA35 0YN51.970817-4.565126223894233369SN238333No
  • Page 1 of 1 (45 postcodes, 43 active)

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