SA37 0 postcodes Pembrokeshire

This is a list of postcodes in the SA37 0 area covering the areas of Boncath, Pembrokeshire. The area contains approximately 596 households with a population of about 1,399 (2011 census)

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SA37 0 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SA37 0EB52.02549-4.582571222912239490SN229394No
SA37 0EH52.02549-4.582571222912239490SN229394Yes
SA37 0EJ52.021076-4.582491222900238999SN229389No
SA37 0EL52.011981-4.578936223108237979SN231379Yes
SA37 0EN52.021398-4.601751221580239082SN215390Yes
SA37 0EP52.016843-4.605626221296238585SN212385Yes
SA37 0ER52.026021-4.605401221348239605SN213396Yes
SA37 0ES52.031311-4.588169222551240151SN225401Yes
SA37 0ET52.040162-4.578648223239241112SN232411Yes
SA37 0EU52.045617-4.566478224095241689SN240416Yes
SA37 0EW52.01905-4.592417222211238798SN222387Yes
SA37 0EX52.040003-4.5571224716241042SN247410Yes
SA37 0EY52.038019-4.554435224891240815SN248408Yes
SA37 0EZ52.036804-4.553243224968240677SN249406Yes
SA37 0HA52.033858-4.55285224983240349SN249403Yes
SA37 0HB52.032444-4.552944224972240192SN249401Yes
SA37 0HD52.031521-4.554058224892240092SN248400Yes
SA37 0HE52.032563-4.558258224608240218SN246402Yes
SA37 0HF52.028207-4.564824224140239749SN241397Yes
SA37 0HG52.024614-4.574954223431239374SN234393Yes
SA37 0HH52.033286-4.573572223560240335SN235403Yes
SA37 0HJ52.030738-4.552002225029240000SN250399Yes
SA37 0HL52.031474-4.553735224913240086SN249400Yes
SA37 0HN51.997476-4.639364218903236515SN189365No
SA37 0HP52.003208-4.639812218895237154SN188371Yes
SA37 0HQ52.015285-4.562715224234238307SN242383Yes
SA37 0HR52.014026-4.622733220111238314SN201383Yes
SA37 0HS52.021845-4.623773220071239186SN200391Yes
SA37 0HT52.010797-4.636461219156237989SN191379Yes
SA37 0HU52.002967-4.637516219052237121SN190371Yes
SA37 0HW52.001036-4.639611218900236912SN189369Yes
SA37 0HX52.002548-4.64619218455237096SN184370Yes
SA37 0HY51.998596-4.638128218992236637SN189366Yes
SA37 0HZ51.989179-4.639225218879235592SN188355Yes
SA37 0JA52.001316-4.662931217301237001SN173370Yes
SA37 0JB52.002276-4.6704216792237127SN167371Yes
SA37 0JD52.003054-4.682633215956237244SN159372Yes
SA37 0JE52.009923-4.665702217146237965SN171379Yes
SA37 0JF52.017296-4.650224218238238746SN182387Yes
SA37 0JG52.00829-4.623265220051237678SN200376Yes
SA37 0JH51.997471-4.639402218900236515SN189365Yes
SA37 0JL52.014916-4.614696220666238393SN206383Yes
SA37 0JN52.0146-4.617746220455238366SN204383Yes
SA37 0JP52.01339-4.616589220530238228SN205382Yes
SA37 0JR52.00681-4.603061221432237463SN214374Yes
SA37 0JS51.9931-4.597997221725235926SN217359Yes
SA37 0JT51.991472-4.584501222645235712SN226357Yes
SA37 0JU52.001859-4.551684224938236788SN249367Yes
SA37 0JW52.015941-4.619143220365238518SN203385Yes
SA37 0JX52.006799-4.555288224710237346SN247373Yes
SA37 0JY52.001896-4.566393223929236827SN239368Yes
SA37 0JZ51.998921-4.579044223049236527SN230365Yes
SA37 0LA52.006957-4.614304220661237507SN206375Yes
SA37 0LG52.030991-4.550098225161240023SN251400Yes
SA37 0LH52.01729-4.526945226696238444SN266384Yes
SA37 0LJ52.016888-4.541046225727238433SN257384Yes
SA37 0LL52.010068-4.522793226953237631SN269376Yes
SA37 0LN52.011041-4.540306225755237781SN257377Yes
SA37 0LQ52.022026-4.540885225758239004SN257390Yes
SA37 0LW52.000224-4.534827226089236565SN260365Yes
SA37 0WZ52.082671-4.657163218028246033SN180460No
SA37 0YP52.082671-4.657163218028246033SN180460No
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