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This is a list of postcodes in the SA4 area covering the areas of Blue Anchor, Gorseinon, Gowerton, Hendy (Carmarthenshire), Loughor, North Gower, Penllergaer, Penclawdd, Pontarddulais, Three Crosses, Swansea. The area contains approximately 18,652 households with a population of about 44,295 (2011 census)

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KeyActive postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use
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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
SA4 9GW51.667225-4.02009260393198426SS603984Yes
SA4 9GX51.677126-4.00543261437199499SS614994Yes
SA4 9GZ51.665396-4.019763260410198222SS604982No
SA4 9HA51.691661-4.00239261692201110SN616011Yes
SA4 9HB51.695701-4.000304261848201555SN618015Yes
SA4 9HD51.70407-4.006122261472202497SN614024Yes
SA4 9HE51.707295-4.001221261820202846SN618028Yes
SA4 9HF51.668989-3.991043262407198567SS624985Yes
SA4 9HG51.705042-4.017259260705202626SN607026Yes
SA4 9HJ51.673995-3.982208263033199107SS630991Yes
SA4 9HL51.674193-3.984878262849199134SS628991Yes
SA4 9HN51.664746-4.021513260287198153SS602981Yes
SA4 9HP51.668644-3.992879262279198532SS622985Yes
SA4 9HW51.686922-4.013111260936200603SN609006Yes
SA4 9JG51.682541-3.995833262117200083SN621000Yes
SA4 9JJ51.684183-3.994994262180200264SN621002Yes
SA4 9JL51.682934-3.994403262217200124SN622001Yes
SA4 9LB51.681601-3.993998262241199975SS622999Yes
SA4 9NX51.67402-3.980508263151199107SS631991Yes
SA4 9NY51.682014-3.998029261964200029SN619000Yes
SA4 9QL51.681462-3.997391262006199966SS620999Yes
SA4 9QS51.682161-3.994369262217200038SN622000Yes
SA4 9QW51.683032-3.999014261899200144SN618001Yes
SA4 9QY51.682683-4.00015261819200107SN618001Yes
SA4 9QZ51.683232-3.998004261969200164SN619001Yes
SA4 9RU51.667207-4.022018260260198428SS602984Yes
SA4 9RX51.682957-3.996762262054200131SN620001Yes
SA4 9SA51.666344-4.016942260608198322SS606983Yes
SA4 9SF51.683669-3.998058261967200213SN619002Yes
SA4 9SP51.683939-3.997153262030200241SN620002Yes
SA4 9SW51.683957-3.996126262101200241SN621002Yes
SA4 9UZ51.683957-3.996126262101200241SN621002No
SA4 9WA51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9WB51.677286-4.012366260958199530SS609995Yes
SA4 9WD51.673405-4.014739260782199103SS607991Yes
SA4 9WE51.669282-4.014286260801198644SS608986Yes
SA4 9WF51.66529-4.015816260683198203SS606982Yes
SA4 9WG51.666715-4.016081260669198362SS606983Yes
SA4 9WH51.671962-4.02182260288198956SS602989Yes
SA4 9WJ51.666273-4.026281259962198332SS599983Yes
SA4 9WL51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9WN51.666632-4.013282260862198347SS608983Yes
SA4 9WP51.666088-4.026055259977198311SS599983No
SA4 9WQ51.670728-4.01666260641198809SS606988Yes
SA4 9WR51.666088-4.026055259977198311SS599983No
SA4 9WS51.666088-4.026055259977198311SS599983No
SA4 9WT51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9WU51.666344-4.016942260608198322SS606983No
SA4 9WW51.671923-3.993587262240198898SS622988Yes
SA4 9WX51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9WY51.574712-3.998421261610188097SS616880No
SA4 9WZ51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9XA51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9XQ51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9XS51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9XT51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9XU51.681921-3.993144262301200009SN623000Yes
SA4 9XW51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9XY51.666262-4.016996260604198313SS606983No
SA4 9XZ51.681239-3.992506262343199932SS623999Yes
SA4 9YU51.666344-4.016942260608198322SS606983No
SA4 9ZJ51.680462-3.992732262325199846SS623998Yes
SA4 9ZP51.669766-3.994577262165198660SS621986Yes
SA4 9ZQ51.680904-3.993692262260199897SS622998Yes
SA4 9ZR51.669751-3.993347262250198656SS622986Yes
SA4 9ZS51.671069-3.992522262311198801SS623988Yes
SA4 9ZT51.670531-3.993497262242198743SS622987Yes
SA4 9ZU51.622631-3.995947261927193421SS619934No

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