SA72 4 postcodes Pembrokeshire

This is a list of postcodes in the SA72 4 area covering the areas of Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire. The area contains approximately 328 households with a population of about 787 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SA72 4AA51.694306-4.927455197774203564SM977035Yes
SA72 4RA51.692712-4.921255198195203369SM981033Yes
SA72 4RR51.695249-4.92411198009203659SM980036Yes
SA72 4RS51.692482-4.925181197923203354SM979033Yes
SA72 4RT51.695151-4.924919197953203650SM979036Yes
SA72 4RU51.694096-4.921995198150203525SM981035No
SA72 4RW51.691572-4.920805198221203241SM982032Yes
SA72 4RX51.690613-4.90798199103203099SM991030Yes
SA72 4RY51.68932-4.896625199882202924SM998029Yes
SA72 4RZ51.693835-4.921086198212203494SM982034Yes
SA72 4SA51.688565-4.900734199595202851SM995028Yes
SA72 4SB51.691468-4.893766200089203155SN000031Yes
SA72 4SD51.692458-4.888967200425203252SN004032Yes
SA72 4SE51.700557-4.86715201968204093SN019040Yes
SA72 4SF51.696304-4.857894202589203595SN025035Yes
SA72 4SG51.6941-4.852747202935203336SN029033Yes
SA72 4SJ51.687264-4.856561202642202586SN026025Yes
SA72 4SL51.688528-4.868806201801202760SN018027Yes
SA72 4SN51.68563-4.876368201266202458SN012024Yes
SA72 4SP51.681311-4.889487200340202014SN003020Yes
SA72 4SR51.683344-4.882917200803202222SN008022Yes
SA72 4SS51.689454-4.884232200739202905SN007029Yes
SA72 4ST51.695494-4.892417200200203599SN002035No
SA72 4SU51.690238-4.875744201329202969SN013029Yes
SA72 4SX51.686967-4.88992200335202644SN003026Yes
SA72 4TT51.699433-4.88808200517204025SN005040Yes
SA72 4TU51.705066-4.88207200957204635SN009046Yes
SA72 4TX51.710684-4.886959200644205273SN006052Yes
SA72 4TY51.714407-4.885545200758205683SN007056Yes
SA72 4TZ51.71319-4.87833201251205528SN012055Yes
SA72 4UA51.698058-4.887765200533203871SN005038Yes
SA72 4UB51.697237-4.887767200529203780SN005037Yes
SA72 4UD51.696206-4.885791200661203660SN006036Yes
SA72 4UE51.697972-4.885671200677203856SN006038Yes
SA72 4UF51.698321-4.884757200742203892SN007038Yes
SA72 4UG51.698267-4.882072200927203879SN009038Yes
SA72 4UH51.696237-4.889295200419203673SN004036Yes
SA72 4UJ51.695837-4.891281200280203634SN002036Yes
SA72 4UL51.697163-4.890545200337203780SN003037Yes
SA72 4UN51.696484-4.897155199877203722SM998037Yes
SA72 4UP51.701754-4.896421199951204306SM999043Yes
SA72 4UQ51.698311-4.879918201076203878SN010038Yes
SA72 4UR51.697711-4.886166200642203828SN006038Yes
SA72 4US51.695407-4.890863200307203585SN003035Yes
SA72 4UT51.698375-4.88464200750203898SN007038No
SA72 4UW51.697393-4.889108200437203801SN004038Yes
SA72 4WE51.697114-4.889119200435203770SN004037No
  • Page 1 of 1 (47 postcodes, 43 active)

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