SK13 5 postcodes High Peak

This is a list of postcodes in the SK13 5 area covering the areas of Glossop, Hadfield, High Peak. The area contains approximately 621 households with a population of about 1,420 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SK13 5BZ53.431068-1.996018400362392698SK003926Yes
SK13 5DA53.430771-1.995792400377392665SK003926Yes
SK13 5DB53.428003-2.008314399545392357SJ995923Yes
SK13 5DD53.429028-1.996274400345392471SK003924Yes
SK13 5DE53.429252-1.997673400252392496SK002924Yes
SK13 5DF53.427607-1.999525400129392313SK001923Yes
SK13 5DG53.427383-1.997327400275392288SK002922Yes
SK13 5DH53.426448-2.003031399896392184SJ998921Yes
SK13 5DJ53.426635-2.000245400081392204SK000922Yes
SK13 5DL53.4266-2.008373399541392201SJ995922Yes
SK13 5DN53.429827-2.013597399194392560SJ991925Yes
SK13 5DP53.429439-1.999778400112392516SK001925Yes
SK13 5DQ53.426007-1.994814400442392135SK004921No
SK13 5DR53.431733-2.009925399438392772SJ994927Yes
SK13 5DS53.437214-2.013898399174393381SJ991933Yes
SK13 5DT53.435047-2.016938398972393140SJ989931Yes
SK13 5DW53.430636-1.994633400454392650SK004926Yes
SK13 5EP53.441135-2.007127399624393818SJ996938Yes
SK13 5ER53.443902-2.001134400022394125SK000941Yes
SK13 5ES53.43869-2.000518400063393546SK000935Yes
SK13 5ET53.434493-1.997222400282393079SK002930Yes
SK13 5EU53.434079-1.994211400482393033SK004930Yes
SK13 5EY53.432875-1.9937400516392899SK005928Yes
SK13 5EZ53.433376-1.992177400617392954SK006929Yes
SK13 5FA53.442931-1.949316403464394019SK034940No
SK13 5FB53.442931-1.949316403464394019SK034940No
SK13 5FD53.442931-1.949316403464394019SK034940No
SK13 5HA53.432794-1.992134400620392890SK006928Yes
SK13 5HB53.435445-1.989605400788393185SK007931Yes
SK13 5HD53.4346-1.992962400565393091SK005930Yes
SK13 5HE53.433926-1.993639400520393016SK005930Yes
SK13 5HF53.439407-1.988684400849393625SK008936Yes
SK13 5HG53.437762-1.987389400935393442SK009934Yes
SK13 5HH53.432568-1.986204401014392865SK010928Yes
SK13 5HJ53.431823-1.990283400743392782SK007927Yes
SK13 5HL53.42811-1.991292400676392369SK006923Yes
SK13 5HN53.423498-1.979872401435391856SK014918Yes
SK13 5HP53.435373-1.991502400662393177SK006931Yes
SK13 5HQ53.433099-1.988341400872392924SK008929Yes
SK13 5HW53.434501-1.991893400636393080SK006930Yes
SK13 5RR53.425899-2.012557399263392123SJ992921Yes
SK13 5RS53.430786-2.017855398911392666SJ989926Yes
SK13 5RT53.42854-2.02082398714392417SJ987924Yes
SK13 5RU53.425628-2.019058398831392093SJ988920Yes
SK13 5RZ53.425-2.015115399093392023SJ990920Yes
SK13 5SA53.421792-2.007184399620391666SJ996916Yes
SK13 5SB53.420271-1.991247400679391496SK006914Yes
SK13 5SD53.418736-1.998186400218391326SK002913Yes
SK13 5WY53.442931-1.949316403464394019SK034940No
SK13 5WZ53.442931-1.949316403464394019SK034940No
SK13 5ZW53.442931-1.949316403464394019SK034940No
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