SN25 5 postcodes Swindon

This is a list of postcodes in the SN25 5 area covering the areas of Swindon. The area contains approximately 22 households with a population of about 52 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SN25 5AE51.599444-1.777974415475188979SU154889No
SN25 5AH51.597-1.774333415728188708SU157887No
SN25 5AJ51.597-1.774333415728188708SU157887No
SN25 5AL51.597-1.774333415728188708SU157887No
SN25 5AN51.599444-1.777974415475188979SU154889No
SN25 5AW51.598076-1.777331415520188827SU155888Yes
SN25 5AX51.599516-1.777858415483188987SU154889Yes
SN25 5AY51.597906-1.77788415482188808SU154888Yes
SN25 5AZ51.596841-1.774697415703188690SU157886Yes
SN25 5BB51.597788-1.772496415855188796SU158887No
SN25 5BE51.598053-1.774891415689188825SU156888Yes
SN25 5BF51.596495-1.773354415796188652SU157886No
SN25 5BG51.596383-1.77103415957188640SU159886No
SN25 5BH51.551194-1.725769419111183625SU191836No
SN25 5BQ51.601613-1.77919415390189220SU153892No
SN25 5DL51.605005-1.774642415704189598SU157895Yes
SN25 5DN51.603659-1.766996416234189450SU162894Yes
SN25 5QQ51.566184-1.792245414497185277SU144852No
SN25 5WA51.551996-1.722548419334183715SU193837No
SN25 5WJ51.551996-1.722548419334183715SU193837No
SN25 5WR51.551996-1.722548419334183715SU193837No
SN25 5WS51.551996-1.722548419334183715SU193837No
SN25 5WT51.551996-1.722548419334183715SU193837No
SN25 5WU51.551996-1.722548419334183715SU193837No
SN25 5WZ51.551996-1.722548419334183715SU193837No
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