SN26 postcodes Swindon

This is a list of postcodes in the SN26 area covering the areas of Blunsdon, Swindon. The area contains approximately 678 households with a population of about 1,763 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SN26 7AB51.612578-1.790389414611190437SU146904Yes
SN26 7AD51.614218-1.788502414741190620SU147906Yes
SN26 7AE51.613542-1.7865414880190545SU148905Yes
SN26 7AF51.614307-1.782841415133190631SU151906Yes
SN26 7AG51.613028-1.786573414875190488SU148904Yes
SN26 7AH51.612924-1.783945415057190477SU150904Yes
SN26 7AJ51.612256-1.782504415157190403SU151904Yes
SN26 7AL51.613434-1.782498415157190534SU151905Yes
SN26 7AN51.613691-1.780432415300190563SU152905Yes
SN26 7AP51.613332-1.78104415258190523SU152905Yes
SN26 7AQ51.612935-1.785244414967190478SU149904Yes
SN26 7AR51.614056-1.782367415166190603SU151906Yes
SN26 7AS51.613589-1.788736414725190550SU147905Yes
SN26 7AT51.613545-1.793302414409190544SU144905Yes
SN26 7AU51.611561-1.78986414648190324SU146903Yes
SN26 7AW51.613222-1.779885415338190511SU153905Yes
SN26 7AY51.614023-1.78004415327190600SU153906Yes
SN26 7AZ51.612643-1.778054415465190447SU154904Yes
SN26 7BA51.612176-1.777926415474190395SU154903Yes
SN26 7BB51.611781-1.778361415444190351SU154903Yes
SN26 7BD51.615716-1.78139415233190788SU152907Yes
SN26 7BE51.614667-1.783142415112190671SU151906Yes
SN26 7BF51.551194-1.725769419111183625SU191836No
SN26 7BG51.615675-1.783903415059190783SU150907Yes
SN26 7BH51.616524-1.786051414910190877SU149908Yes
SN26 7BJ51.619615-1.789633414661191220SU146912Yes
SN26 7BL51.614782-1.78681414858190683SU148906Yes
SN26 7BN51.614941-1.78574414932190701SU149907Yes
SN26 7BQ51.616352-1.785026414981190858SU149908Yes
SN26 7BW51.615088-1.787401414817190717SU148907Yes
SN26 7BX51.614327-1.778539415431190634SU154906Yes
SN26 7BY51.61366-1.777357415513190560SU155905Yes
SN26 7BZ51.613985-1.777977415470190596SU154905Yes
SN26 7DA51.613804-1.777602415496190576SU154905Yes
SN26 7DE51.611366-1.782392415165190304SU151903Yes
SN26 7DG51.615941-1.781822415203190813SU152908Yes
SN26 7DH51.610817-1.777687415491190244SU154902Yes
SN26 7DQ51.61769-1.774577415704191009SU157910Yes
SN26 7EA51.604665-1.780621415290189559SU152895Yes
SN26 7EL51.615682-1.782502415156190784SU151907Yes
SN26 7EQ51.566184-1.792245414497185277SU144852No
SN26 7ER51.617658-1.757753416869191009SU168910Yes
SN26 7ES51.614169-1.76733416207190619SU162906Yes
SN26 7XJ51.614178-1.76733416207190620SU162906No
SN26 7XN51.551194-1.725769419111183625SU191836No
SN26 7XQ51.614178-1.76733416207190620SU162906No
SN26 8AA51.611221-1.791693414521190286SU145902Yes
SN26 8AB51.610864-1.79265414455190246SU144902Yes
SN26 8AD51.610179-1.7917414521190170SU145901Yes
SN26 8AE51.611164-1.794237414345190279SU143902Yes
SN26 8AF51.612075-1.795692414244190380SU142903Yes
SN26 8AG51.611992-1.794855414302190371SU143903Yes
SN26 8AH51.612848-1.795775414238190466SU142904Yes
SN26 8AJ51.612455-1.797091414147190422SU141904Yes
SN26 8BU51.613458-1.795799414236190534SU142905Yes
SN26 8BX51.613308-1.797547414115190517SU141905Yes
SN26 8BY51.614747-1.797989414084190677SU140906Yes
SN26 8BZ51.617208-1.80169413827190950SU138909Yes
SN26 8DA51.620408-1.80663413484191305SU134913Yes
SN26 8DB51.621918-1.811419413152191472SU131914Yes
SN26 8DD51.619318-1.816428412806191182SU128911Yes
SN26 8DE51.623801-1.797558414111191684SU141916Yes
SN26 8DF51.618776-1.783238415104191128SU151911Yes
SN26 8DJ51.609275-1.788845414719190070SU147900Yes
SN26 8DN51.609203-1.789652414663190062SU146900Yes
SN26 8DZ51.608201-1.831909411737189943SU117899Yes
SN26 8EF51.609274-1.788857414718190070SU147900No
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