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This is a list of postcodes in the SR area, Sunderland. The area covers Cleadon, Peterlee, Sunderland, Whitburn, Works, nr Washington. The area contains approximately 109,612 households with a population of about 250,843 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SR8 9SY54.784903-1.350211441887543527NZ418435No
SR8 9SZ54.784903-1.350211441887543527NZ418435No
SR88 1AA54.756719-1.334922442900540400NZ429403No
SR88 1BR54.756719-1.334922442900540400NZ429403No
SR88 2BR54.756719-1.334922442900540400NZ429403No
SR9 9AD54.8959-1.364393440863555870NZ408558No
SR9 9WD54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9WH54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9WJ54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9WL54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9WN54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9WP54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9WQ54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9WR54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9WS54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9WT54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9WU54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9WX54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9WY54.8959-1.364393440863555870NZ408558No
SR9 9WZ54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9XD54.8959-1.364393440863555870NZ408558No
SR9 9XF54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9XQ54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9XX54.896175-1.365371440800555900NZ408558No
SR9 9XY54.8959-1.364393440863555870NZ408558No
SR9 9XZ54.859805-1.428473436786551818NZ367518No
SR9 9YT54.918392-1.419921437281558342NZ372583No
SR9 9YU54.921562-1.410218437900558700NZ378586No
SR9 9YY54.918376-1.420249437260558340NZ372583No
SR9 9YZ54.921562-1.410218437900558700NZ378586No

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