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This is a list of postcodes in the SS16 area covering the areas of Langdon Hills, Basildon. The area contains approximately 12,211 households with a population of about 29,575 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SS16 6SL51.5674290.406549566889188139TQ668881Yes
SS16 6SN51.562490.408813567064187595TQ670875Yes
SS16 6SP51.5676360.409129567067188168TQ670881Yes
SS16 6SQ51.5615970.409819567137187498TQ671874Yes
SS16 6SR51.5616020.407352566966187493TQ669874Yes
SS16 6SS51.5622720.40671566919187566TQ669875Yes
SS16 6ST51.5684090.406081566853188247TQ668882Yes
SS16 6SU51.5660410.409751567116187992TQ671879Yes
SS16 6SW51.563320.40955567112187689TQ671876Yes
SS16 6SX51.5634430.401779566573187685TQ665876Yes
SS16 6SY51.5621940.410053567151187565TQ671875Yes
SS16 6SZ51.5651050.407595566970187883TQ669878Yes
SS16 6TA51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6TB51.5685790.40876567038188272TQ670882Yes
SS16 6TD51.5641460.404803566780187770TQ667877No
SS16 6TE51.5632420.403716566708187667TQ667876Yes
SS16 6TF51.5635710.404773566780187706TQ667877Yes
SS16 6TG51.563540.403631566701187700TQ667877Yes
SS16 6TH51.5627330.402665566637187608TQ666876Yes
SS16 6TJ51.5659540.408261567013187979TQ670879Yes
SS16 6TL51.5655750.408803567052187938TQ670879Yes
SS16 6TN51.5656930.406977566925187947TQ669879Yes
SS16 6TP51.5678390.402314566594188175TQ665881Yes
SS16 6TQ51.564360.399158566388187781TQ663877Yes
SS16 6TR51.5683010.403493566674188229TQ666882Yes
SS16 6TS51.564470.399928566441187795TQ664877Yes
SS16 6TT51.5645620.401145566525187808TQ665878Yes
SS16 6TU51.5651180.399948566440187867TQ664878Yes
SS16 6TW51.5688050.402148566579188282TQ665882Yes
SS16 6TX51.5657080.399662566418187932TQ664879Yes
SS16 6TY51.565990.399042566374187962TQ663879Yes
SS16 6TZ51.5661170.400347566464187979TQ664879Yes
SS16 6UB51.5688380.403579566678188289TQ666882Yes
SS16 6UD51.5688990.404592566748188298TQ667882Yes
SS16 6UE51.5672690.404217566728188116TQ667881Yes
SS16 6UF51.567870.405173566792188185TQ667881Yes
SS16 6UG51.5643750.412059567282187812TQ672878No
SS16 6UH51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6UJ51.564530.411951567274187829TQ672878No
SS16 6UL51.5670870.402592566616188092TQ666880Yes
SS16 6UN51.5665510.402852566636188033TQ666880Yes
SS16 6UP51.5630690.401168566532187642TQ665876Yes
SS16 6UQ51.564530.411951567274187829TQ672878No
SS16 6UR51.5624450.402203566606187575TQ666875Yes
SS16 6UT51.5621090.404147566742187542TQ667875Yes
SS16 6UW51.5667280.401692566555188050TQ665880Yes
SS16 6WA51.5667370.401693566555188051TQ665880No
SS16 6WB51.5667370.401693566555188051TQ665880No
SS16 6WE51.5667370.401693566555188051TQ665880No
SS16 6WG51.5667370.401693566555188051TQ665880No
SS16 6WH51.564530.411951567274187829TQ672878No
SS16 6WQ51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6WY51.5667370.401693566555188051TQ665880No
SS16 6WZ51.5667370.401693566555188051TQ665880No
SS16 6XA51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6XB51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6XD51.5711060.460069570584188671TQ705886Yes
SS16 6XE51.564530.411951567274187829TQ672878No
SS16 6XF51.564530.411951567274187829TQ672878No
SS16 6XQ51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6YQ51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6YZ51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6ZQ51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No
SS16 6ZR51.5711030.460039570582188671TQ705886No

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